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Transformers and Motors

Transformers and Motors is an in-depth technical reference which was originally written for the National Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee to train apprentice and journeymen electricians. This book provides detailed information for equipment installation and covers equipment maintenance and repair. The book also includes troubleshooting and replacement guidelines, and it contains a minimum of theory and math.In this easy-to-understand, practical sourcebook, you'll discover:* Explanations of the fundamental concepts of transformers and motors* Transformer connections and distribution systems* Installation information for transformers and motors* Preventive maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair tips and techniques* Helpful illustrations, glossary, and appendices* End-of-chapter quizzes to test your progress and understanding

electrical technology students & technicians

Paperback, 336 Pages

Published: January 1991

Imprint: Newnes

ISBN: 978-0-7506-9948-8


  • Part I: TransformersFunamental Concepts: Transformers * Transformer Connections * Installation * Maintenance, Troubleshooting, & Repair * Distribution SystemsPart II: MotorsFundamental Concepts: Motors * Fractional Horsepower Motors * Polyphase Motors * Installation * Maintenance and TroubleshootingPart III: AppendicesGeneral Electric Model List Nomenclature * Values of Trigonometric Functions * Answers to Questions * Glossary * Bibliography


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