Transcultural Health and Social Care

Development of Culturally Competent Practitioners

Edited by

  • Irena Papadopoulos, PhD, MA, BA, DipNEd, DipN, RN, RM, NDNCert, Professor of Transcultural Health and Nursing and Head of Research, Research Centre for Transcultural Studies in Health, Middlesex University, London, UK

This title is directed primarily towards health care professionals outside of the United States. It communicates current evidence-based knowledge in the area of transcultural care and meets the needs of health and social care practitioners who must change their practices to comply with national policies and the expectations of a multicultural public.
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Book information

  • Published: May 2006
  • ISBN: 978-0-443-10131-1

Table of Contents

Contributors. Foreword By Larry Purnell. Foreword by Cecil Helman. Acknowledgements. Part 1: Transcultural Healthcare and the Development of Culture Generic Competencies. Chapter 1 - Introduction (Irena Papadopoulos). Chapter 2 - The Papadopoulos, Tilki and Taylor Model of Developing Cultural Competence (Irena Papadopoulos). Chapter 3 - Human Rights and Health Inequalities: UK and EU Policies and Initiatives Relating to the Promotion of Culturally Competent Care (Mary Tilki). Chapter 4 - Migrants and Refugees (Gina Taylor). Chapter 5 - The Ethics of Culturally Competent Health and Social Care (Ann Gallagher). Chapter 6 - Promoting Culturally Competent Research (Irena Papadopoulos). Part 2: Developing Culture Specific Competencies. Chapter 7 - Cancer and Culture: Meanings and Experiences (Irena Papadopoulos and Shelley Lees). Chapter 8 - The Health and Social Care Needs of Ethiopian Asylum Seekers and Refugees Living in the UK (Irena Papadopoulos, Margaret Lay, Shelley Lees and Alem Gebrehiwot). Chapter 9 - Myfanwy M. Davies and Irena Papadopoulos. Chapter 10 - Illegal Drugs: Knowledge, Attitudes and Drug Habits of Greek and Greek Cypriot Youth Living in London (Irena Papadopoulos and Chris Papadopoulos). Chapter 11 - Culturally Competent Health Promotion for Minority Ethnic Groups, Refugees, Gypsy Travellers and New Age Travellers in the UK (Irena Papadopoulos and Margaret Lay). Part 3: European Perspectives on Cultural Competence. Chapter 12 - Cultural Healthcare Issues in Finland (Marja Kaunonen and Meeri Koivula). Chapter 13 - Dealing with Cultural Plurality in Health and Social Care Settings: the Case of Germany (Monika Habermann). Chapter 14 - Cultural Healthcare Issues in Greece (Athena Kalokerunou-Anagnostopoulou). Chapter 15 - Transcultural Healthcare Issues in Spain (Silvia Garcia Barros). Part 4: Global Perspectives and Cultural Competence. Chapter 16 - A Trisomial Concept of Socio-Cultural and Refligious Factors in Healthcare Decision Making and Service Provision in the Muslim Arab World (Zbys Fedorowicz and Thomas D. Walczyk). Chapter 17 - Transcultural Healthcare in Israel: Past History and Current Issues (Verad Delbar). Chapter 18 - Transcultural Nursing: the Way to Prepare Culturally Competent Practitioners in Australia (Akram Omeri). Chapter 19 - Culture and Health: Discourses and Practices in the Canadian Context (M. Judith Lynam). Chapter 20 - Reflections and Conclusions (Irena Papadopoulos). Index.