Traits of a Jackass Manager book cover

Traits of a Jackass Manager

A How-Not-To Guide for Managers Old and New

Do you take credit for your employees' ideas? Hire your own relatives? Withhold crucial information from your staff? If so, you may be a jackass manager. Now help is at hand--read this short how-not-to guide, have a good laugh, and learn how to manage employees more productively. Whether you're just beginning your career as a supervisor or already have years of management experience, you’ll appreciate the useful pointers and cartoons in Traits of a Jackass Manager. Of course you may also recognize some bosses you've encountered yourself over the years. Either way, this quick primer will get you thinking, and talking, about how you can make your organization happier and more efficient. You may get more game-changing advice from the jackass than from all those thick books on management theory!

Paperback, 42 Pages

Published: December 2011

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-12-397197-5


  • The Manager Who Seeks to be “Liked” Rather than Respected

    The Manager Who Ignores the Opinions and Advice of Employees

    The Manager Who Fails to Delegate Properly

    The Manager Who Ignores the Training and Developmental Needs of Employees

    The Manager Who Insists on Doing Everything “The Company Way”

    The Manager Who Fails to Give Credit When Credit Is Due

    The Manager Who Treats Employees as Subordinates

    The Manager Who Ignores Employees' Complaints

    The Manager Who Does Not Keep People Informed

    The Manager Who Holds His or Her Assistant Back

    The Manager Who Views the Disciplinary Process as a Punitive Action

    The Manager Who Fails to Back Up His or Her Staff

    The Manager Whose Word Cannot Be Trusted

    The Manager Who Avoids Making Decisions

    The Manager Who “Plays Favorites”

    The Manager Who Fails to Stay Current in the Field

    The Manager Who Enjoys “Pouring on” More Work than an Employee Can Handle

    The Manager Who Acts or Overreacts Too Quickly

    The Newly Promoted Manager Who Believes His or Her Manure Is Odorless

    The Manager Who Is Moody

    Managers Who Fail to Plan and Put Priorities on Their Work

    The Manager Who Lacks Emotion and Empathy

    The Manager Who Hires Relatives into the Organization

    The Manager Who Does Not Treat Women as Equals

    The Manager Who Faithfully Practices the Art of Pessimism

    The Manager Who Steals Employees' Ideas

    The Manager Whose Style and Authority Are Based on Absolute Power

    The Manager Who Seems Oblivious to What Is Happening

    The Manager Who Loves to “Sack” Employees

    The Manager Who Embarrasses Subordinates in the Presence of Others

    The Manager Who Follows “Double Standards” in the Organization

    The Manager Who Is a Religious or Racial Bigot



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