Traffic Engineering Design book cover

Traffic Engineering Design

Principles and Practice

This book introduces traffic engineering, covering not only implementation but social, environmental and legislative issues. Written by practitioners, Traffic Engineering Design offers practical solutions to real-life problems as well as explaining theory.The book has been fully updated to take account of recent developments in traffic engineering such as the growth of telematics and advanced signal control systems. It also considers the impact of new traffic management initiatives like congestion charging on the trafffic engineer.

Students of transport, civil and transport engineering and urban design/planning. Professionals involved in road design and traffic engineering, civil engineers, architects/planners


Published: March 2005

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-5865-2


  • Traffic SurveysParking SurveysEstimating Travel DemandCapacity AnalysesTraffic Management and ControlHighway LayoutSignal ControlParking: Design and ControlRoad Safety EngineeringTraffic CalmingPublic Transport PriorityThe Development ProcessSustainable DevelopmentTransport TelematicsStatutory RequirementsCongestion Charging


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