Trace Elements in Human and Animal Nutrition book cover

Trace Elements in Human and Animal Nutrition

@from:From the PrefaceThe major change in the format of the fifth edition is the presentation of the book in two volumes, necessitated by the rapidly increasing knowledge of metabolism, interactions, and requirements of trace elements. The guiding principle was to present the minimum of results that would serve as a logical foundation for the description of the present state of knowledge.

Nutritionists, clinical biochemists, pathologists, veterinarians, toxicologists, physiologists, pediatric physicians, and researchers in clinical medicine and clinical nutrition.

Hardbound, 480 Pages

Published: December 1987

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-491251-9


  • "Each of the chapters has been written by an authority in that particular field and the clear orientation of the book toward solving practical problems in man and domestic animals is excellently sustained. The complete work, Volume 2 as well as Volume 1, is highly recommended and should form part of the library of any institution engaged in human nutrition or animal husbandry."

    "This is the first source that nutritionists, toxicologists, and biochemists would reach for to find detailed information on trace elements. It is a must reference volume for health scientists dealing with nutrient requirements, specifically for toxicities related to trace element imbalances. Each library should have their own for ready accessibility and practical application. A good publication that stands as a tribute to Professor Underwood and his early pioneering works."


  • Introduction, E.J. Underwood and W. Mertz.Methods of Trace Element Research, J.C. Smith, Jr.,Quality Assurance for Trace Element Analysis, W.R. Wolf.Iron, E.R. Morris.Cobalt, R.M. Smith.Manganese, L.S. Hurley and C.L. Keen.Chromium, R.A. Anderson.Nickel, F.H. Nielsen.Vanadium, F.H. Nielsen.Copper, G.K. Davis and W. Mertz.Fluorine, K.A.V.R. Krishnamachari.Mercury, T.W. Clarkson.Molybdenum, C.F. Mills and G.K. DavisEach chapter includes references. Index.


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