Towards A Semantic Web book cover

Towards A Semantic Web

Connecting Knowledge in Academic Research

This book addresses the question of how knowledge is currently documented, and may soon be documented in the context of what it calls ‘semantic publishing’. This takes two forms: a more narrowly and technically defined ‘semantic web’; as well as a broader notion of semantic publishing. This book examines the ways in which knowledge is represented in journal articles and books. By contrast, it goes on to explore the potential impacts of semantic publishing on academic research and authorship. It sets this in the context of changing knowledge ecologies: the way research is done; the way knowledge is represented and; the modes of knowledge access used by researchers, students and the general public.

Paperback, 544 Pages

Published: January 2011

Imprint: Chandos Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84334-601-2


  • A good book for its wealth of sometimes profound insights into the evolution of scholarship and scientific communication from a relatively static print culture into what's already emerged as a protean electronic culture., College and Research Libraries


  • Changing knowledge systems in the era of the social web; Frameworks for knowledge representation; The meaning of meaning: Alternative disciplinary perspectives; What does the digital do to knowledge making? Books and journal articles: The textual practices of academic; Textual representations and knowledge support-systems in research intensive networks; An historical introduction to formal knowledge systems; Contemporary dilemmas: Tables versus webs; Upper-level ontologies; Describing knowledge domains: A case study of biological ontologies; On commensurability; A framework for commensurability; Creating an interlanguage of the social web; Interoperability and the exchange of humanly usable digital content; Framing a new agenda for semantic publishing.


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