Tourism and Transport

Issues and Agenda for the New Millennium

Edited by

  • Les M. Lumsdon, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Stephen J. Page, Senior Professor, Sustainable Tourism Management, London Metropolitan University

Within the tourism field, transport research specifically related to tourism remains substantially neglected despite its dynamic role in the creation of tourist movements at different geographical scales. This volume of edited essays is a seminal study which sets out to address this neglect by examining a number of conceptual and empirical issues associated with the way multidisciplinary researchers approach the study of the transport-tourism interface. This volume has contributions from geographers, planners, social psychologists, marketers, economists and sociologists. It is rare to find such a multidisciplinary group of researchers assembled for a specialist area such as transport and tourism which provides many interesting insights and approaches to this growing field of study. The book poses a number of key questions:

• What is the scope of progress in tourism and transport research in the new millennium? What type of research has been undertaken and has it been synthesised into a body of knowledge which researchers and practitioners can access?
• Have researchers adopted a common agenda to addressing conceptual issues associated with the analysis of the tourism-transport interface?
• What conceptual challenges do researchers face in the analysis of tourism and transport?
• What are the current issues which researchers may need to address to fully understand how transport and tourism studies are functionally linked and integral to the wider understanding of tourism development?

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Book information

  • Published: December 2003
  • Imprint: PERGAMON
  • ISBN: 978-0-08-044172-6


"A must-read for students undertaking a transport unit within the framework of their tourism degrees." -TOURISM MANAGEMENT "The editors are to be congratulated ona thoughtful volume which makes a valuable contribution in stimulating further research in the field ... It will be on my list of essetial reading for students." - TOURISM MANAGEMENT

Table of Contents

Preface (S.J. Page, L. Lumsdon). Progress in transport and tourism research: reformulating the transport-tourism interface and future research agendas (L. Lumsdon, S.J. Page). Life cycle, tourist motivation and transport: some consequences for the tourist experience (G. Moscardo, P. Pearce). Transport and tourism: equity and sustainability (D. Hall). Sustainable mobility and its implications for tourism (W. Black ). Airlines and tourism development: the case of Zimbabwe (B. Turton). Transport and destination development (B. Prideaux). Transport and visitors in historic cities (A. Orbasli, S. Shaw). The changing airport environment: past, present and future imperfect? (P. Freathy). Tourism development and airlines in the new millennium: an operations management perspective (D. Briggs). Cruise ships: deterritorialized destinations (R. Wood). Non motorized transport and tourism (L. Lumsdon, R. Tolley). Tourism transport: the Green Key Initiative (E. Owen, L. Lumsdon).