Tourism and Politics

Global Frameworks and Local Realities

Edited by

  • Peter M. Burns, University of Brighton, UK
  • Marina Novelli, University of Brighton, UK

Tourism and Politics aims to disseminate ideas on the critical discourse of tourism and tourists as they relate to politics, through a series of case studies from around the world written by specialists with an emphasis on linking theory to practice. That tourism is a profoundly important economic sector for most countries and regions of the world is widely accepted, even if some of the detail remains controversial. However, as tourism matures as a subject, the theories underpinning it necessarily need to be more sophisticated; tourism cannot be simply ‘read’ as a business proposition with a series of impacts. Wider questions of politics, power and identity need to be articulated, investigated and answered. While the making and consuming of tourism takes place within complex political milieux with multiple stakeholders competing for benefit, the implications are not fully understood. Literature on tourism and politics is surprisingly limited. This book will make a substantial contribution to the theoretical framework of tourism.
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Hospitality, travel and tourism researchers, social science scholars, business and economics researchers, advanced students


Book information

  • Published: November 2006
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-0-08-045075-9

Table of Contents

List of FiguresList of TablesContributorsTourism and Politics: IntroductionDemocracy and Tourism: Exploring the Nature of an Inconsistent RelationshipTourism as Political Platform: Residents’ Perceptions of Tourism and Voting BehaviourPrivatisation during Market Economy Transformation as a Motor of DevelopmentGroup politics and tourism interest representation at the supranational level. Evidence from the European UnionThe Politics of Exclusion? Japanese Cultural Reactions and the Government’s Desire to Double Inbound TourismTaming Tourism: Indigenous Rights as a Check to Unbridled TourismCelebrating or Marketing the indigenous? International right organisations, national governments and tourism creationThe Politics of Institution Building and European Co-operation: reflections on an EC-TEMPUS project on Tourism and Culture in Bosnia-HerzegovinaTowards the Responsible Management of the Socio-Cultural Impact of Township TourismHegemony, globalization and tourism policies in developing countriesThe Politics of Tourism: Ethnic Chinese Spaces in MalaysiaPreparing Now for Tomorrow: The Future for Tourism in Scotland up to 2015Governing Tourism Monoculture: Mediterranean Mass Tourism Destinations and Governance Networks.'The MTVEurope Music Awards Edinburgh03: Delivering Local Inclusion?The Lost Gardens and Airport Expansion: Focalisation in Heritage LandscapesThe War is Over so Let the Games BeginHostile Meeting Grounds: Encounters between the Wretched of the Earth and the Tourist through Tourism and Terrorism in the 21st CenturyDefending Voyuerism: Dark tourism and the problem of Global SecurityRethinking Globalization Theory in TourismThe End of Tourism, the Beginning of Law?Author IndexSubject Index