Total Supply Chain Management book cover

Total Supply Chain Management

The latest book from a successful author team, this essential handbook provides the basic concepts, tools and techniques to support a supply chain excellence initiative.The book shows how to add value to an organisation through the optimum use of resources and supply chain elements and through the provision of improved customer satisfaction. Resources are defined as all available resources, whether owned or borrowed along the complete supply chain, from the supplier's supplier, through to the customer's customer. Specific supply chain issues and opportunities related to service industries, e-Supply Chain and emerging markets like India are key features of this book.

Professional management and training consultants; Logistics and supply chain management courses; MBA courses.


Published: November 2007

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-8426-2


  • INTRODUCTION; The role of supply chain as a key value driver; Why Total Supply Chain Management; Understanding Total Supply Chain Management and its building blocks; BUILDING BLOCKS OF SUPPLY CHAIN; Customer focus and demand; Resource and capacity management; Procurement, purchasing and supplier focus; Inventory management; Operations management; Distribution Management; NEW DEMANDS AND TRENDS; Supply chain in service sectors and non-profit and charity organisations; Supply chain in emerging markets; E- supply chain; Lean and agile supply chain; Supply chain in the retail sector; Green supply chain; Supply chain for major projects; INTEGRATING SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT; Systems and procedures; Sales and operations; Planning supply chain performance management; Case study examples.


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