Total Plant Performance Management: book cover

Total Plant Performance Management:

A Profit-Building Plan to Promote, Implement, and Maintain Optimum Performance Throughout Your Plant

Total Plant Performance Management (TPPM) is an unparalleled continuous-improvement program that integrates all plant functions into a single focused effort. The fundamental premise is that all corporate functions, from the boardroom to the shipping department, must share a common vision and effectively work together. This book details TPPM's proven method of implementing continuous improvement throughout your total corporation, not just in certain departments. It shows you how to promote, implement, and maintain continuous improvement; effectively involve all employees; train people the right way; measure equipment reliability and improve maintenance; design and select machines; organize employees within the TPPM plant; avoid plan failure; and analyze the operating dynamics of critical process systems.


Published: January 1999

Imprint: Gulf Professional Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-88415-877-6


  • The book provides step-by-step logic for developing, implementing and maintaining a TPPM program and explains how to justify one. (Plant Services)


  • Can America compete in the world market? Back to basics. It's good business. Equipment reliability. Effective organization. Employee involvement. Operating dynamics analysis. Train, train, and retrain. Selling continuous improvement. Implementation. Maintenance improvement. Appendix: Typical program plan. Index.


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