Total Performance Scorecard

Redefining Management to Achieve Performance with Integrity


  • Hubert Rampersad, BS, MSc, PhD, Internationally respected and recognized consultant in the field of Organizational Behavior and Business Management; founder and CEO of Quality Management Consulting, the Netherlands

In the post-Enron climate corporate executives are increasingly pressured to increase productivity and create an ethical, trustworthy organizational climate. 'Total Performance Scorecard' introduces a concept of organizational improvement and change management that combines the Balanced Scorecard model with the learning organization theory. The TPS contains a personal balanced scorecard, which is tied to an organizational balanced scorecard. These scorecards reflect not only performance goals but personal learning and growth goals as well, and the organizational scorecards also address organizational climate issues. Continuous improvement, change management, 360 degree feedback, and the learning organization are theories that the TPS makes use of in a very straightforward way. If implemented, the TPS enables a company to tie personal goals to organizational goals and tie personal performance to organizational performance, all within a culture that supports integrity, personal growth, learning, and open communication. Nirvana!
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HR professionals and managers, business/management students, consultants.


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  • Published: May 2003
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-7714-1


"'Total Performance Scorecard' is a through, systematic, and integrated approach to individual and organization success. It synthesizes and extends personal, leadership, and organization theories of change and success. It offers managers tools to do a complete physical for their organization and it offers individuals an encyclopedia of knowledge about personal success." - Dave Ulrich, Professor of Business, University of Michigan, Author of 'Results Based Leadership,' 'Why the Bottom Line Isn't,' and 'GE Workout' "This book should be read by anyone interested in affecting organizational improvement and change. By expanding and integrating concepts such as the Balanced Scorecard, Total Quality Management, Performance Management and Competence Management into one overall framework, which he calls the Total Performance Scorecard, Dr. Rampersad gives us a new blueprint for creating a learning organization in which personal and organizational performance and learning mutually reinforce each other." - Cornelis A. de Kluyver, Henry Y. Hwang Dean and Professor of Management, Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management, Claremont Graduate University, co-author of 'Strategy: A View From the Top' "There is often a disconnect between organizational goal-setting and the way individuals establish individual objectives and are reviewed. Total Performance Scorecard fills the gap with a complete system that unites individual and organizational performance scorecards, linking continuous improvement efforts with individual learning and development programs. If you are looking for a comprehensive toolkit for improving results in your company, this is the book to buy." - Philip Anderson, Professor of Entrepreneurship, INSEAD Alumni Fund Chair in Entrepreneurship, Director, 3i Venturelab "Hubert Rampersad takes the balanced scorecard and other management ideas and puts them in a framework of personal integrity. By unifying organizational change strategies with individual ethics he has written an outstanding synthesis which is addressed to the corporate challenges of managing in the 21st century." - Paul Bracken, Professor of Management, Yale School of Management "Hubert Rampersad's 'Total Performance Scorecard' is management technology for the enlightened age. Rampersad beautifully explains how anyone can apply principles of motivational alignment and individualistic scorecard techniques to engineer an organization for continuous learning." - Dr. James O'Toole, Massachusetts Institute of Technology "A tool kit for executives who would aspire to run high performing learning organisations - managing to be at the same time immensely practical, current, ethical and integrated in its coverage of a large and challenging territory." - Professor Nigel Nicholson, Chairman, Organisational Behaviour Subject Area & Director, Centre for Organisational Research, London Business School "Hubert Rampersad has amassed and synthesized a huge amount of material... The book serves as a practical guide, in that there are numerous exercises and business illustrations." - From the Foreword by Dorothy Leonard, The William J. Abernathy Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School, author of 'Wellsprings of Knowledge: Building and Sustaining the Sources of Innovation' and co-author of 'When Sparks Fly: Igniting Creativity in Groups' "Dr. Rampersad's latest book makes a most useful contribution to the never-ending challenge of aligning individual motivations and behaviors with - Jon R. Katzenbach, co-author of the international bestseller 'The Wisdom of Teams' and editor of 'The Work of Teams,' a Harvard Business Review compendium "Total Performance Scorecard is a desperately needed direction that management of organizations should adopt. It stresses the importance and need of developing an organizational structure and philosophy that combines the goals and aspirations of the individual with those of the company. It is a melding process which results in a corporate culture that is both individually and organizationally driven. The concepts embodied in this management concept provide solutions to preserving and utilizing individual rights and capabilities while adjusting the organizational structure and philosophy to this new environment." - Edward H. Barker, Professor at University of La Verne, California "Dr. Rampersad's book is just as timely an exhortation to American business as was "In Search of Excellence." In this case, the survival of corporations depends on possessing an integrity that can both fuel their drive for performance and keep it in check. Such integrity cannot be legislated by government or management. Fortunately, Dr. Rampersad's processes bring organizations face-to-face with their own moral fiber (and many other important issues). He couldn't have come along at a better time." - George Cline, MBA, President, VitalConcern, Tampa, FL

Table of Contents

Preface1. IntroductionPart one: The Foundations of Total Performance Scorecard2. Total Performance ScorecardThe TPS-ConceptThe Balanced ScorecardThe TPS-Cycle3. Formulating the Balanced ScorecardFormulating the Personal Balanced ScorecardFormulating the Organizational Balanced Scorecard4. Communicating with and Linking the Balanced Scorecard Communicating the Balanced ScorecardLinking the Balanced Scorecard5. ImprovingProcess SelectionProcess EvaluationProcess ImprovementPersonal Improvement6. DevelopingIntroductionResult Planning Coaching Appraisal Job-Oriented Competence Development7. Reviewing and Learning Reviewing LearningPart two: Organizational Requirements8. TeamworkTeam Composition, Team Roles and Core QualitiesTeam DevelopmentInterpersonal communication Coaching of Team Members Leadership Styles Effective Meeting Team Review9. Organization for Continuous Improvement Improvement Teams Improvement Circles10. Managing Change11. Organizational CultureEpilogueAppendix I: Appraisal Forms Business JetAppendix II: 360º - Feedback Business JetAppendix III: TPS-Quick Scans ReferencesIndex