Total Information Risk Management

Maximizing the Value of Data and Information Assets


  • Alexander Borek, Data Scientist at IBM
  • Ajith Parlikad, Senior Lecturer in Industrial Systems at the University of Cambridge
  • Jela Webb, Senior Lecturer at the University of Brighton
  • Philip Woodall, Research Scientist at the University of Cambridge

How well does your organization manage the risks associated with information quality? Managing information risk is becoming a top priority on the organizational agenda. The increasing sophistication of IT capabilities along with the constantly changing dynamics of global competition are forcing businesses to make use of their information more effectively. Information is becoming a core resource and asset for all organizations; however, it also brings many potential risks to an organization, from strategic, operational, financial, compliance, and environmental to societal. If you continue to struggle to understand and measure how information and its quality affects your business, this book is for you. This reference is in direct response to the new challenges that all managers have to face. Our process helps your organization to understand the "pain points" regarding poor data and information quality so you can concentrate on problems that have a high impact on core business objectives. This book provides you with all the fundamental concepts, guidelines and tools to ensure core business information is identified, protected and used effectively, and written in a language that is clear and easy to understand for non-technical managers.
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Data management practitioners, including database analysts, information analysts, data administrators, data architects, enterprise architects, data warehouse engineers, and systems analysts, and their managers


Book information

  • Published: September 2013
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-405547-6


"In today’s information-centric world identifying and mitigating the risk of your data and information assets is fast becoming a necessity instead of a luxury. Take the time to read Total Information Risk Management and you’ll be better prepared to measure the impact of gains in data quality and information insight in your organization."--Data and Technology Today online, November 27, 2013

Table of Contents

1: Preface and Introduction

2: Information Risk – A management challenge in the 21st century

3: The Total Information Risk Management (TIRM) process

4: Application Examples in the Industry

5: Additional risk management techniques that can be used within the TIRM process

6: Software tools

7: A pathway to a better managed future