Total Colour Management in Textiles book cover

Total Colour Management in Textiles

Managing colour from the design stage to the finished product can be a difficult activity as colour perception is subjective and can therefore be inconsistent. Total colour management in textiles covers all aspects of managing colour from the design stage to the final product, ensuring that the designer’s vision is fulfilled in the finished colour. There have been many new developments in the area of colour measurement and colour perception which are discussed. These include discussion of the sensory effect of colour for design and use in product development, and digital colour simulation.

Graphic designers, merchandisers, product development specialists and anyone who uses color in their work; Academics and students researching textiles, fashion, design, fine arts, or any color related subjects.

Hardbound, 246 Pages

Published: January 2006

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-85573-923-9


  • …provides a comprehensive understanding of many aspects of colour management with industrial applications in mind., Eurostitch
    …will prove invaluable for individuals from a variety of disciplines and organization levels., The Textile Journal


  • Part 1 Measuring colour: Colour perception; Colour description/specification systems; Instrumental colour measurement; Colour quality evaluation; A practical guide to visual evaluation of textile samples. Part 2 Managing colour: Colour simulation of textiles; Effective colour communication from mind to market; Controlling colorant formulation; Controlling digital colour printing on textiles; Colour management across the supply chain; Quality assurance management for coloured goods.


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