Topics in the Theory of Computation

Edited By

  • M. Karpinski
  • J. Van Leeuwen

This volume contains nine selected papers presented at the Borgholm conference. They were chosen on the basis of their immediate relevance to the most fundamental aspects of the theory of computation and the newest developments in this area.These papers, which have been extended and refereed, fall into eight categories: 1. Constructive Mathematics in Models of Computation and Programming; 2. Abstract Calculi and Denotational Semantics; 3. Theory of Machines, Computations and Languages; 4. Nondeterminism, Concurrency and Distributed Computing; 5. Abstract Algebras, Logics and Combinatorics in Computation Theory; 6. General Computability and Decidability; 7. Computational and Arithmetic Complexity; 8. Analysis of Algorithms and Feasible Computing.
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Book information

  • Published: January 1985
  • Imprint: NORTH-HOLLAND
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-87647-8

Table of Contents

Preface (M. Karpinksi and J. Van Leeuwen). Input-Driven Languages are Recognized in log n Space (B. v. Braunmuehl and R. Verbeek). Constructive Mathematics as a Programming Logic I: Some Principles of Theory (R.L. Constable). Space and Reversal Complexity of Probabilistic One-Way Turing Machines (R. Freivalds). Recurring Dominoes: Making the Highly Undecidable Highly Understandable (D. Harel). A New Transformational Approach to Partial Correctness Proof Calculi for Algol 68-like Programs with Finite Modes and Simple Side Effects (H. Langmaack). Effective Determination of the Zeros of p-ADIC Exponential Functions (A. MacIntyre). The Logic of Games and Its Applications (R. Parikh). A Fast Parallel Construction of Disjoint Paths in Networks (E. Shamir and E. Upfal). Descriptional Complexity for Classes of Ianov-Schemes (P. Trum and D. Wotschke).