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Topics in General Topology

Being an advanced account of certain aspects of general topology, the primary purpose of this volume is to provide the reader with an overview of recent developments.The papers cover basic fields such as metrization and extension of maps, as well as newly-developed fields like categorical topology and topological dynamics. Each chapter may be read independently of the others, with a few exceptions. It is assumed that the reader has some knowledge of set theory, algebra, analysis and basic general topology.


Published: August 1989

Imprint: North-holland

ISBN: 978-0-444-70455-9


  • A collection of fifteen monographs by various Japanses topologists on recent developments in general topology designed as a text or reference work for advanced students seeking to get to the research frontier. A good common index adds to its value as a reference.
    American Mathematical Monthly


  • Extensions of Mappings I (K. Morita). Extensions of Mappings II (T. Hoshina). Normality of Product Spaces I (M. Atsuji). Normality of Product Spaces II (T. Hoshina). Generalized Paracompactness (Y. Yasui). The Tychonoff Functor and Related Topics (T. Ishii). Metrization I (J.-I. Nagata). Metrization II (Y. Tanaka). Generalized Metric Spaces I (J.-I. Nagata). Generalized Metric Spaces II (K.-I. Tamano). Function Spaces (A. Okuyama, T. Terada). N-Compactness and Its Applications (K. Eda, T. Kiyosawa, H. Ohta). Topological Games and Applications (Y. Yajima). Categorical Topology (R. Nakagawa). Topological Dynamics (N. Aoki).


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