Tolley's Managing Fixed-Term & Part-Time Workers

A Practical Guide to Employing Temporary & Part-time Staff

Tolley’s Managing Fixed-Term and Part-Time Workers is an essential tool for HR directors and managers, and their advisers.This timely handbook contains comprehensive coverage of the legal and practical implications of the new Fixed-Term Employees (Prevention of Less Favourable Treatment) Regulations 2002 and the EC Directive on Fixed-Term Work. With almost a quarter of the total UK working population engaged on part-time contracts, there has never been a greater need for employers to understand the latest rights and duties owed to those who work on a part-time, intermittent or job-share basis.This invaluable resource will show you how to deal fairly with agency temps, contractors, freelancers, casual workers, seasonal workers, students working during vacations, part-time employees and temporary workers engaged to cover short-term absence. Combining coverage of the legal background with practical advice on how to ensure your policies and procedures comply with the law, this handbook will enable you to:- understand the laws that impact upon successive fixed-term contracts- treat part-time staff fairly and avoid claims of unlawful discrimination from women who form the majority of the UK’s part-time workforce- draft your own documents using key sample documents – letters of employment, contract clauses and employment policies- save time by giving you access to comprehensive legal and tactical information in one unique handbook, featuring questions and answers, checklists and case studies for ease of use- ensure you are complying with the laws governing equality of treatment for fixed-term and part-time workersThis accessible guide explains the latest legislation and case law and offers an array of practical tips and tools to help ensure fairness of treatment for fixed-term and part-time employees.

Human resouce directors and managers;HR business partners and consultants;General Managers.


Published: November 2003

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7545-2410-6


  • 1. Employment status and statutory rights2. Contract of employment3. Part-time workers4. Fixed-term workers5. Temporary staff from employment agencies6. Continuity of employment7. Casual workers, students and seasonal workers8. Homeworkers9. Self-employed workers and contractors10. avoiding sex discrimination11. Employees moving to part-time work


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