Token–Ring Technology Report


  • . Architecture Technology Corporation

Please note this is a Short Discount publication.This report provides an overview of the IBM Token–Ring technology and products built by IBM and compatible vendors. It consists of two sections: 1. A summary of the design trade–offs for the IBM Token–Ring. 2. A summary of the products of the major token–ring compatible vendors broken down by adapters and components, wiring systems, testing, and new chip technology.
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Book information

  • Published: October 1991
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-1-85617-094-9

Table of Contents

Section I: LAN standards. Overview of token rings. Goals of the IBM token ring. Wiring systems. The need for a common wiring system. Detailed design of certain aspects of the cable plan. Grounding. Signalling. Jitter. Type 3 cable. Use of the cabling system in operational environments. Baluns. Configuration rules. Data grade cable. The move to optical fiber. Multistation access unit [MAU]. The ring adapter. Specialized adapter functions. Reliability functions. Management. Other capabilities of the token ring. Source routing. 4/16 Mbps. Early token release. Conclusion.Section II: Adapter Products and Accessories: IBM token ring. IBM 8209 LAN bridge. Proteon ProNET–4. Racore computer products inc. 3Com. Wiring Systems: STAR–TEK inc. SynOptics token ring support within network utility architectures. Testing: Bytex systems ATS 1000 token ring LAN analysis system. Time domain reflectometry applications for token ring networks. New Chip Technology: Toshiba 16 / 4 mbps token–ring chipset.