Time-Frequency Signal Analysis and Processing book cover

Time-Frequency Signal Analysis and Processing

A Comprehensive Review

Time-Frequency Signal Analysis and Processing (TFSAP) is a collection of theory and algorithms used for the analysis and processing of non-stationary signals, as found in a wide range of applications including telecommunications, radar, and biomedical engineering. This book gives the university researcher and R&D engineer insight into how to use TFSAP methods to develop the engineering application systems they are looking to implement.


University Researchers and R&D engineers in electrical and electronic engineering; signal, image and video processing engineers in universities and industry.

Hardbound, 770 Pages

Published: February 2015

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-398499-9


  • Part I: A tutorial Introduction to Time-Frequency methods

    Chapter 2: Heuristic Formulation of Time-Frequency Distributions

    Chapter 3: Theory of Quadratic TFDs

    Part II: Fundamental Principles of TFSAP

    Chapter 4: Time-Frequency Signal and System Analysis

    Chapter 5: Design of Time-Frequency Distributions

    Part III: Time-Frequency Methods

    Chapter 6: Implementation and Realization of TFDs

    Chapter 7: Measures, Performance Assessment and Enhancement

    Chapter 8: Multi-Sensor and Time-Space Processing

    Part IV: Statistical Techniques

    Chapter 9: Random Processes and Noise Analysis 371

    Chapter 10: Instantaneous Frequency Estimation and Localization

    Chapter 11: Time-Frequency Synthesis and Filtering

    Chapter 12: Detection, Classification and Estimation

    Part V: Engineering Applications

    Chapter 13: Time-Frequency Methods in Telecommunications

    Chapter 14: Time-Frequency Methods in Radar, Sonar & Acoustics

    Chapter 15: Time-Frequency Diagnosis and Monitoring

    Chapter 16: Time-Frequency Methodologies in Neuro-Sciences

    Chapter 17: Getting Started: A practical Time-Frequency Tutorial


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