Time Frequency Analysis


  • Boualem Boashash, Qatar University, Doha, Qatar University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia
  • Boualem Boashash, Qatar University, Doha, Qatar University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

Time Frequency Signal Analysis and Processing covers fundamental concepts, principles and techniques, treatment of specialised and advanced topics, methods and applications, including results of recent research. This book deals with the modern methodologies, key techniques and concepts that form the core of new technologies used in IT, multimedia, telecommunications as well as most fields of engineering, science and technology. It focuses on advanced techniques and methods that allow a refined extraction and processing of information, allowing efficient and effective decision making that would not be possible with classical techniques. The Author, fellow of IEEE for Pioneering contributions to time-frequency analysis and signal processing education, is an expert in the field, having written over 300 papers on the subject over a period pf 25 years. This is a REAL book, not a mere collection of specialised papers, making it essential reading for researchers and practitioners in the field of signal processing.
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Researchers and practitioners in signal processing, engineering, image processing; electric power distribution, communications and biomedical engineering


Book information

  • Published: October 2003
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-0-08-044335-5

Table of Contents

PART I Introduction to the Consepts of TFSAP Time-frequency Concepts Heuristic Formulation of Time-Frequency Distributions Theorey of Quadratic TFDs PART II Fundamental Principles of TFSAP Time-Frequency Signal and Systems Analysis Design of Time-Frequency Distributions PART III Time-Frequency Methods Implementation and Realization of TFDs Measures, Performance Assesment and Enhancement Multi-Sensor and time spacing Processing PART IV: Statistical Techniques Random Processes and Noise Analysis Instantaneous Frequency Estimation and Localization Time Frequency Synthesis and Filtering Detection, Classification, and Estimation PART V Engineering Applications Time-Frequency Methods in Communications Time-Frequency Methods in Radar, Sonar and Acoustics Time-Frequency Diagnosis and Monitoring Other Applications