Thin Film Materials Technology book cover

Thin Film Materials Technology

Sputtering of Compound Materials

An invaluable resource for industrial science and engineering newcomers to sputter deposition technology in thin film production applications, this book is rich in coverage of both historical developments and the newest experimental and technological information about ceramic thin films, a key technology for nano-materials in high-speed information applications and large-area functional coating such as automotive or decorative painting of plastic parts, among other topics. In seven concise chapters, the book thoroughly reviews basic thin film technology and deposition processes, sputtering processes, structural control of compound thin films, and microfabrication by sputtering.

Scientists, engineers, graduate students in the fields of semiconductors, thin films, energy, environment, automotive, medical and food packaging.


Published: May 2004

Imprint: William Andrew

ISBN: 978-0-8155-1483-1


  • Thin Film Materials and DevicesThin Film Process Thin Film Growth Process Thin Film Deposition Process CharacterizationSputtering Phenomena Sputtering Yield Sputtering Atoms Mechanisms of SputteringSputtering Systems Discharge in a Gas Sputtering System Practical Aspects of Sputtering SystemDeposition of Compound Thin Films Oxides Nitrides Carbides and Silicides Diamond Selenides Amorphous Thin Films Super-Lattice Structures Organic Thin Films Magnetron Sputtering Under a Strong Magentic FieldStructural Control of Compound Thin Films Ferroelectric Materials and Structures Control of Structure Nanometer Structures Interfacial ControlMicrofabrication by Sputtering Classification by Sputtering Etching Ion Beam Sputter Etching Diode Sputter Etching Deposition into Deep Trench StructureAppendices Electric Units, Their Symbols and Conversion Factors Fundamental Physical ConstantsIndex


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