Thin-Film Diamond I

(part of the Semiconductors and Semimetals Series)

Edited by

  • Christopher Nebel, Technische Universitat Munchen, Germany
  • Juergen Ristein, Institut fur Technische Physik II, Erlangen, Germany

This volume reviews the state of the art of thin film diamond, a very promising new semiconductor that may one day rival silicon as the material of choice for electronics. Diamond has the following important characteristics; it is resistant to radiation damage, chemically inert and biocompatible and it will become "the material" for bio-electronics, in-vivo applications, radiation detectors and high-frequency devices. Thin-Film Diamond is the first book to summarize state of the art of CVD diamond in depth. It covers the most recent results regarding growth and structural properties, doping and defect characterization, hydrogen in and on diamond as well as surface properties in general, applications of diamond in electrochemistry, as detectors, and in surface acoustic wave devices.
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Scientists working in the field of semi-conductor research and technology.


Book information

  • Published: December 2003
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-752185-5


"The book is quite readable and is understandable by experts and novices. This book is an excellent reference or tutorial for anyone working in the field of diamond thin films" C.E.Nebel and J.Ristein, Elsevier, Inc., Thin Film Diamond" Semiconductors and Semimetals

Table of Contents

Textured and Heteroepitaxial CVD Diamond Films; Structural Imperfections in CVD Diamond Films; Doping Diamond by Ion-Implantation; Boron Doping of Diamond Films from the Gas Phase; n-Type Diamond Growth; Transport and Defect Properties of Intrinsic andBoron-Doped Diamond; Optical Properties of CVD Diamond; Luminescence from Optical Defects and Impurities in CVD Diamond