Therapeutic Stretching book cover

Therapeutic Stretching

Towards a Functional Approach

This book is suitable for all manual and physical therapists, sports and personal trainers, athletes who require special movement ranges and individuals who would like to recover or improve their range and ease of movement.

Paperback, 314 Pages

Published: August 2013

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-7020-4318-5


  • Chapter 1 - Introduction to therapeutic and functional stretching

    Chapter 2 - Functional and dysfunctional ROM

    Chapter 3 - Causes of ROM loss and therapeutic potential of rehabilitation

    Chapter 4 - Adaptation in ROM loss and recovery

    Chapter 5 - Specificity in ROM rehabilitation

    Chapter 6 - The overloading condition for recovery

    Chapter 7 - Exposure and scheduling the ROM challenge

    Chapter 8 - Rehabilitating the active ROM: neuromuscular rehabilitation

    Chapter 9 - Pain management and ROM-desensitization

    Chapter 10 - Stretch tolerance model

    Chapter 11 - Psychological and behavioral considerations in ROM rehabilitation

    Chapter 12 - Towards a functional approach

    Chapter 13 - Demonstration of functional approach in ROM rehabilitation

    Chapter 14 - Summary


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