Theory and Practice of Physical Pharmacy

A core subject in pharmaceutics, physical pharmacy is taught in the initial semesters of B. Pharm. The methodical knowledge of the subject is required, and is essential, to understand the principles pertaining to design and development of drug and drug products. Theory and Practice of Physical Pharmacy is unique as it fulfils the twin requirements of physical pharmacy students: the authentic text

on theoretical concepts and its application including illustrative exercises in the form of practicals.

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Book information

  • Published: January 2013
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-81-312-3265-1

Table of Contents



Chapter 1. States of Matter

Chapter 2. Micromeritics

Chapter 3. Pharmaceutical Rheology

Chapter 4. Surface and Interfacial Phenomena

Chapter 5. Buffers and Isotonic Solutions

Chapter 6. Complexation and Protein Binding

Chapter 7. Colloidal Dispersions

Chapter 8. Pharmaceutical Suspensions

Chapter 9. Pharmaceutical Emulsions

Chapter 10. Diffusion and Drug Release

Chapter 11. Drug Dissolution

Chapter 12. Kinetics, Degradation and Stability



Experiment 1 Ternary Phase Diagram

Experiment 2 Particle Size by Optical Microscopy

Experiment 3 Particle Size by Sieving

Experiment 4 Flow Property of Powder

Experiment 5 Angle of Repose

Experiment 6 density determination

Experiment 7 Ostwald Viscometer

Experiment 8 Falling Sphere Viscometer

Experiment 9 Spreading Coefficient

Experiment 10 Critical Micelle Concentration

Experiment 11 Buffer Preparation

Experiment 12 Colloidal Solution

Experiment 13 Physical Stability of Suspension

Experiment 14 Dissolution Profile of Tablet

Experiment 15 Kinetics-I

Experiment 16 Kinetics-II



Multiple Choice Questions (Useful for gpataspirants)

MCQ Answer Key