Thematic Mapping from Satellite Imagery, A Guidebook

Cartographie Thématique Dérivée des Images Satellitaires, Un Guide

Edited by

  • J. Denègre, I.G.N. 136 Bis de Grenelle, 75700 Paris, France

The last decade of the twentieth century is seeing a marked increase in the number of programmes of Earth observation from space. This expansion reflects a growing concern for monitoring development and managing natural resources, taking into account environmental priorities, and is responding to the needs of scientific researchers in understanding the mechanisms and evolution from global change.

It is envisaged that in future the bulk of geographical data at both global and national scales will be derived from Earth observation from space. The conversion of this data into information which is portrayed in cartographic form is of key importance.

This guide book is the result of a major international co-operative effort of specialists from many nations and its purpose is to draw on practical application experience to formulate general rules for cartographic production from satellite imagery. The book is bilingual in English and French.

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Cartographers, geographers, remote sensing and mapping specialists.


Book information

  • Published: December 1994
  • Imprint: PERGAMON
  • ISBN: 978-0-08-042351-7


...presents some interesting approaches for the application of remote sensing techniques for examining a variety of environmental organized and accessible discussion of current methods and applications in remote sensing.
Cartographic Perspectives, Spring 1995

Table of Contents

Preface. Introduction. Acknowledgements. Index of Covered Countries. Index of Satellite Images Used. Satellite remote sensing imaging and its cartographic significance (A. Ciolkosz, A.B. Kesik). Production processes for extracting information from satellite data (D. Lauer). Methods for combining satellite-derived information with that obtained from conventional sources (S. Folving, J. Denègre). Design and semiology of cartographic representation (J. Lerner, J. Denègre). Examples of applications: General satellite cartography. Land use/Land cover mapping. Urban cartography. Soil mapping. Agricultural mapping. Mapping of ocean and coastal zones. Mapping of ice and snow fields. Mapping of vegetation. Landscape mapping. Flooded-zone mapping.

28 illus. 71 line drawings.