The Zebrafish: Disease Models and Chemical Screens

Edited by

  • H. Detrich, III, Northeastern University, Boston, MA, USA

This volume of Methods in Cell Biology is the 3e, and provides comprehensive compendia of laboratory protocols and reviews covering all the new methods developed since 2004. This new volume on Disease Models and Chemical Screens, covers two rapidly emerging and compelling applications of the zebrafish.
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Developmental biologists, neurobiologists, and cell biologists.


Book information

  • Published: September 2011
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-381320-6

Table of Contents

Part I: Disease Models

1. Germ Cell Tumors in Zebrafish - Jim Armatruda

2. Schwann Cell Myelination Mutants as Models of Multiple Sclerosis - David Lyons

3. In Vivo Analysis of Zebrafish Adipogenesis - John Rawls. First draft Sept. 1.

4. Host-Microbe Interactions in the Zebrafish - Karen Guillemin (University of Oregon)

5. Hematopoietic Stem Cell Development and Blood Flow - Trista North

6. Zebrafish as a Model for Hemorrhagic Stroke - Brant Weinstein

7. Zebrafish Adaptive Immunity: Structure and Function of Physiologic Development and Malignant Transformation - Nikolaus Trede and David Traver

8. Zebrafish VHL Disease Model - Freek van Eeden and co-authors Received 8/7/10.

9. Muscle Diseases - Peter Curie and Lou Kunkel

10. Basement Membrane Diseases - Natália M. Feitosa, Tom Carney, Matthias Hammerschmidt

11. Lymphangiogenesis - Schulte-Merker

12. Osteogenesis - Schulte-Merker

13. Zebrafish Assays of Ciliopathies - Nicholas Katsanis, JHU Sch of Med and Norann Zaghloul (UMD)

14. Infectious Disease: Innate Immunity - Herman Spaink

15. Tuberculosis - Lalita Ramakrishnan

16. Cancer - Tom Look

17. Melanoma - Patton and Schartl

18. Pancreatic Cancer - Steve Leach

19. Rhabdomyosarcoma - David Langenau MS Approved by Monte July 31.

20. Transplantation in Zebrafish - Pulin Li and Len Zon

21. Modeling Human Disease by Gene Targeting - Andrew Dodd, Stephen Chambers, Peter Nielsen, and Donald Love

22. Fluorescent Imaging of Cancer - David Langenau

23. Zebrafish as a Model for Fanconi’s Anemia - John Postlethwait

Part II: Chemical Screens

1. Chemical Screens for Potential Therapeutics - Justin Lee Hong Tan and Len Zon

2. Psychotropic Drug Discovery by Automated Behavioral Phenotyping - Randall Peterson resent June 15

3. Discovery and Use of Small Molecules for Probing Biological Processes - Randall Peterson and Mark Fishman