The Yeasts book cover

The Yeasts

Yeast Technology

This classic series covers the complete biology and biochemistry of the yeasts in six volumes. Volume 5 addresses the major areas of yeast technology relevant to the food, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries.

Pure and applied microbiologists, biochemists, biotechnologists, cell biologists, and food scientists.

Hardbound, 620 Pages

Published: August 1993

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-596415-9


  • "The series will form an essential source book for libraries serving microbiologists"

    "The course of time has shown these volumes to be an outstanding success... The student, teacher and researcher interested in yeasts will find it difficult not to refer to the relevant chapters in The Yeasts, Second Edition."


  • A.H. Rose and J.S. Harrison, Introduction.J.R.M. Hammond, Brewer's Yeasts.R.E Kunkee and L.F. Bisson, Wine-making Yeasts.K. Kodama, Sak-Brewing Yeasts.F.W. Beech, Yeasts in Cider-Making.D.C. Watson, Yeasts in Distilled Alcoholic Beverage Production.W.M. Ingledew, Yeasts for Production of Fuel Ethanol.T.P. Lyons, K.A. Jacques, and D.A. Dawson, Miscellaneous Yeast Products.E. Hinchliffe and E. Kenny, Yeast as a Vehcile for the Expression of Heterologous Genes.A.H. Roseand G. Vijayalakshmi, Baker's Yeasts.J.S. Harrison, Food and Fodder Yeasts.E.A. Tudor and R.G. Board, Food Spoilage Yeasts.D.S. Thomas, Yeasts as Spoilage Organisms in Beverages.Subject Index.Author Index.


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