The Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell

Molecular and Biological Responses to the Extracellular Matrix

  • Robert Mecham, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A.
    • Stephen Schwartz, University of Washington, Seattle, U.S.A.


    Researchers and graduate students in cell, molecular, and developmental biology, biochemistry, genetics, cardiology, pathology, and other fields of biomedical science and clinical medicine.


Book information

  • Published: October 1995
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-632310-8

Table of Contents

G.R. Campbell and J.H. Campbell, Development of the Vessel Wall: Overview.A.C. Gittenberger-De Groot, J. Slomp, M.C. Deruiter, and R.E. Poelmann, Smooth Muscle Cell Differentiation during Early Development and during Intimal Thickening Formation in the Ductus Arteriosus.M.A. Glukhova and V.E. Koteliansky, Integrins, Cytoskeletal and Extracellular Matrix Proteins in Developing Smooth Muscle Cells of Human Aorta.S.M. Schwartz, E.R. O'Brien, D. deBlois, and C.M. Giachelli, Relevance of Smooth Muscle Replication and Development to Vascular Disease.G. Liau and D.K.M. Han, Smooth Muscle Gene Expression during Developmental Maturation.G.K. Owens, Molecular Identifcation Smooth Muscle Cells: Overview.J. Victor Small and A.J. North, Architecture of the Smooth Muscle Cell.M. Periasamy and R. Nagai, Molecular Basis of Smooth Muscle Contractility: Myosin Heavy Chains: Gene Structure and Expression.T.C. McQuinn and R.J. Schwartz, Vascular Smooth Muscle-Specific Gene Expression.R. Ross, Molecular Controls of Smooth Muscle Hypertrophy and Hyperplasia: Overview.A.W. Clowes, Smooth Muscle Cell Function from the Clinical Perspective: Overview.M.A. Riedy, Regulation of Arterial Smooth Muscle Growth.C.L. Jackson, Pharmacology of Smooth Muscle Cell Proliferation.A. Desmouliere and G. Gabbiani, Smooth Muscle Cell and Fibroblast Biological and Functional Features: Similarities and Differences.J.G.R. DeMey, Smooth Muscle Cell Proliferation in Hypertension: Possible Contribution to Arterial Remodeling.Chapter References.Subject Index.