The Unfolded Protein Response and Cellular Stress, Part C book cover

The Unfolded Protein Response and Cellular Stress, Part C

This volume provides descriptions of the occurrence of the UPR, methods used to assess it, pharmacological tools and other methodological approaches to analyze its impact on cellular regulation. The authors explain how these methods are able to provide important biological insights.


Researchers and students in cell, molecular and developmental biology

Included in series
Methods in Enzymology

Hardbound, 464 Pages

Published: February 2011

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-385928-0


  • Section I: New Approaches to Studying UPR and Cell Stress

    1. CFTR Expression Regulation by the Unfolded Protein Response
    2. Rafal Bartoszewski, Andras Rab, Lianwu Fu, Sylwia Bartoszewska, James Collawn and Zsuzsa Bebok

    3. GRP78/BiP Chapter: Modulation of GRP78/BiP in Altering Sensitivity to Chemotherapy
    4. Thomas C. Chen

    5. Targeting the Unfolded Protein Response in Cancer Therapy
    6. Marina V. Backer, Joseph M. Backer & Prakash Chinnaiyan

    7. Large-scale analysis of UPR-mediated apoptosis in human cells
    8. Andrew M. Fribley, Justin R. Miller, Tyler E. Reist1, Michael U. Callaghan and Randal J. Kaufman

    9. Quantitative Analysis of amino acid oxidation markers by tandem mass spectrometry
    10. Anuradha Vivekanandan-Giri, Jaeman Byun and Subramaniam Pennathur

    11. Animal models in the study of the unfolded protein response
    12. Hemamalini Bommiasamy and Brian Popko

    13. Measurement of Fluoride-induced Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Using Gaussia luciferase
    14. Ramaswamy Sharma, Masahiro Tsuchiya, Bakhos A. Tannous and John D. Bartlett

    15. Analysis of nelfinavir-induced endoplasmic reticulum stress
    16. Ansgar Brüning

    17. Using temporal genetic switches to synchronize the unfolded protein response in cell populations in vivo
    18. Alexander Gow

    19. Glycoprotein maturation and the UPR
    20. Andreas J. Hülsmeier, Michael Welti and Thierry Hennet

    21. Monitoring and Manipulating Mammalian Unfolded Protein Response
    22. Nobuhiko Hiramatsu, Victory T. Joseph and Jonathan H. Lin

    23. A screen for mutants requiring activation of the unfolded protein response for viability
    24. Guillaume Thibault and Davis T.W. Ng

    25. Signalling Pathways of Proteostasis Network Unrevealed By Proteomic Approaches on The Understanding of Misfolded Protein Rescue
    26. Patrícia Gomes-Alves, Sofia Neves and Deborah Penque

    27. Decreased Secretion and Unfolded Protein Response Up-Regulation
    28. Carissa L. Young, Theresa Yuraszeck, Anne S. Robinson

    29. Measuring signaling by the unfolded protein response
    30. David Cox, Natalie Strudwick, Ahmed A. Ali, Adrienne W. Paton, James C. Paton, and Martin Schröder

    31. Unfolded Protein Response
    32. Jie Shang

    33. Regulation of immunoglobulin synthesis, modification and trafficking by the unfolded protein response: a quantitative approach
    34. Adi Drori and Boaz Tirosh

    35. Use of Chemical Genomics in Assessment of the UPR
    36. Sakae Saito, Akihiro Tomida

    37. Small GTPase signalling and the Unfolded Protein Response
    38. Marion Bouchecareilh, Esther Marza, Marie-Elaine Caruso and Eric Chevet

    39. Inhibitors of advanced glycation and endoplasmic reticulum stress

    Reiko Inagi


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