The Treatment of Pain with Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture book cover

The Treatment of Pain with Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture

Although Chinese medicine views pain as one aspect of a pattern, focusing on pain as the main presenting symptom is a practical approach to arriving at a diagnosis. This text gives a thorough and analytical review of the diagnosis and treatment options for pain, using acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. Based on the clinical experience of the author and supported by the expertise of respected acupuncturists in Chinese universities, The Treatment of Pain with Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture offers a comprehensive, detailed set of treatments for a wide variety of pain symptoms and conditions. Detailed modifications of specific treatments help the reader adapt theories to clinical practice.


Published: January 2002

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-443-07127-0


  • PART 1: GENERAL INTRODUCTION. Introduction. Historical development of the pain concept. Aetiology and pathology of pain. Occurrence of pain. Differentiation of pain. Treatment differentiation. Selection and combination of acupuncture points.
    PART 2: GENERALISED BODY PAIN. Pain in the entire body. Unilateral pain. Pain due to cancer.
    PART 3: SENSE ORGAN PAIN. Facial pain. Eye pain. Ear pain. Nasal pain. Lip pain. Tooth pain. Tongue pain.
    PART 4: HEAD AND NECK PAIN. Headache. Neck pain. Throat pain. Painful swallowing.
    PART 5: PAIN IN THE FRONT OF THE TRUNK. Chest pain. Breast pain. Axillary pain. Epigastric pain. Hypochondriac pain. Abdominal pain. Dysmenorrhoea.
    PART 6: BACK PAIN. Pain in the entire back. Upper back pain. Scapular pain. Middle back pain. Lower back pain. Coccyx pain.
    PART 7: UPPER LIMB PAIN. Shoulder pain. Elbow pain. Wrist pain. Palmar pain. Finger pain.
    PART 8: LOWER LIMB PAIN. Hip pain. Knee pain. Ankle pain. Heel pain. Sole pain. Toe pain. Leg pain. Pain in all four limbs.
    PART 9: GENITAL PAIN. Genital pain. Pain associated with urination. Pain during ejaculation. Pain during copulation. Anal pain. Pain during defecation.
    References and bibliography.
    Appendix: List of main channels and acupuncture points.


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