The Third Body Concept: Interpretation of Tribological Phenomena

Edited By

  • D. Dowson, The University of Leeds, Leeds, UK
  • C.M. Taylor
  • T.H.C. Childs
  • G. Dalmaz
  • Y. Berthier
  • L. Flamand
  • J.-M. Georges
  • A.A. Lubrecht

The central theme of this book, The Third Body Concept: Interpretation of Tribological Phenomena, was chosen to honour the work of Professor Maurice Godet. The aim of this and previous conferences in the series is to select a topic of current interest to tribologists in order to further advance knowledge in selected fields. Presented by leading scientists from 23 countries, these proceedings provide an up-to-date review of developments in this field..
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Book information

  • Published: September 1996
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-82502-5

Table of Contents

Introduction. Session I: Keynote addresses. Third bodies: perspectives on modeling in lubricated contacts, in close fitting contacts, etc : following on the concepts of Dr. Maurice Godet (K.C. Ludema). Maurice Godet's third body (Y. Berthier). Session II: Invited Lectures. Stress waves in a sliding contact - Part 1: Experimental study (T. Zeghloul, B. Villechaise). Part 2: Modelling (M. Raous, S. Barbarin). Third body effect in fretting (J. Wei. S. Fouvry, Ph. Kapsa, L. Vincent). Elastic - plastic microcontact modelling using dislocations (I.A. Polonsky, L.M. Keer). Session III: Third Bodies. Papers by: B.J. Briscoe, B.H. Stuart, I.L. Singer et al., Y. Berthier, P. Jacquemard, M.H. Meurisse, M. Brendle, S. Lamouri, L. Rozeanu, F.E. Kennedy. Session IV: Third Bodies in EHL. Papers by: P.M.E. Cann et al., R.S. Dwyer-Joyce, J. Heymer, S. Palios, P.M. Cann, H.A. Spikes, A. Pauschitz et al., F. Bernard et al. Session V: Nanotribology. Papers by: S. Bec, A. Tonck, D. Mazuyer, J.M. Georges, F. Auslender, F. Sidoroff, L. Tosi, B. Bou-Said. Session VI: Starved EHL. Papers by: F. Chevalier et al., B.R. Höhn, K. Michaelis, V. Mann, P. Ehret, D. Dowson, C.M. Taylor. Session VII: Thermal Aspects. Papers by: M. Sato et al., J. Pezdirnik et al., W.X. Qiu, S.Z. Wen, A.K. Tieu, A.O. Mian, G.J. Jones. Session VIII: Invited Lectures. Friction modelling for internal combustion engines (D. Dowson, C.M. Taylor, L.S. Yang). Non-laminar flow in hydrodynamic lubrication (J. Frêne, V.N. Constantinescu). Third body formation in soft solid processing (M.J. Adams et al). Session IX: Granular Lubrication. Papers by: H.G. Elrod, A. Ghaouti, J. Kim, C.-M. Yu, J. Tichy, A. Lubrecht, C. Chantien, Y. Berthier. Session X: Solid Lubricants. Papers by: C. Donnet et al., G. Zambelli, K.J. Wahl, I.L. Singer, R. Holinski. Session XI: Hydrodnamic Lubrication. Papers by: M. Arghir, S.E. Attar, D. Nicolas, G. Bayada, M. Jai, M. Priest et al., I. Iordanof, P. Hermel, P. Stephan, J. Absi, D. Bonneau. Session XII: Coatings. Papers by: A.V. Olver, P.M. Cann, J.-C. Loric, J. Denape et al., J.E. Fernandez et al. Session XIII: Dynamic EHL. Papers by: G.E. Morales-Espejel et al., F. Couhier et al., M. Visscher et al., H. Xu et al., I. Musca et al. Session XIV: Invited lectures. How lubricants behave in EHL contacts (B. Jacobson). Elastohydrodynamic films with emulsions (Y. Kimura et al.). Understanding grease lubrication (P.M.E. Cann). Session XV: Surface degradations. Papers by: K. Adachi, K. Kato, R. Takizawa, N. Axen, N. Hayashi et al., A.A. Torrance et al., S. Mischler et al., T.H.C. Childs, F.Y. Chang. Session XVI: Friction. Papers by: J.-F. Ganghoffer et al., J.A. Williams, Y. Xie, K. Hayashi et al., A. Tudor, L. Seiciu. Session XVII: Mixed/boundary lubrication. Papers by: J.S. Sheasby, et al., M. Smeeth, H.A. Spikes, H. Lubbinge. Written Discussion. List of delegates.