The Thermoeconomics of Energy Conversions book cover

The Thermoeconomics of Energy Conversions

Key Features

  • FREE CD-ROM puts the subject matter into action
  • Providing tools for improved thermodynamic analysis, improved costing analysis and enhanced optimisation
  • Enabling the reader to find the optimal design point of a given system configuration quicker, saving time and money

The Thermoeconomics of Energy Conversions provides a multidisciplinary approach to the optimal design of energy-intensive systems. The component disciplines of thermodynamics, design and economics are mathematically formulated to provide optimal system design. This approach is contemporary and unique in its smooth take-off from thermodynamic analysis.

The outcome of more than 20 years of thermoeconomics development, this book is an essential reference resource for practising engineers and researchers, as well as system and device engineers. As a research-oriented textbook, it is particularly valuable to students expecting to reshape traditional energy system design into a more powerful optimal-design methodology during their careers.


Published: December 2003

Imprint: Pergamon

ISBN: 978-0-08-044270-9


  • "This book combines two very important subjects, the thermodynamics of energy conversions and the economics of energy conversions, a job that has never been done so comprehensive before. In addition, the CD-ROM provides tutorials and programs for use by practising engineers and advanced students. Dr El-Sayed has been there and done it all, both in academia and in industry, a very unique combination that allows him not only to explain the theory but also to make the applications clear and realistic".
    Jesse Denton, Editor-in-Chief, Energy Conversion and Management


    • Preface
    • Introduction
    • Improved thermodynamic analysis
    • Improved costing analysis
    • Enhanced system optimization
    • The manipulation of the design models of devices
    • Off-design performance due to load variation
    • Application examples
    • Application examples
    • The accompanying software
    • Index


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