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The Sports Medicine Resource Manual

Written by primary care sports medicine physicians, The Sports Medicine Resource Manual is the one musculoskeletal textbook that is ideally suited for family medicine and sports medicine providers. Chapters on physical exam and diagnosis are carefully integrated with sections on rehabilitation and management—including a complete guide to procedural skills such as casting, injections, compartment testing, running shoe prescriptions and more. In this conveniently sized volume, sports medicine physicians, orthopedists, emergency medicine physicians, physical therapists, pediatricians, team physicians, athletic trainers, and others share their expertise on everything from diagnosis and proper rehabilitation of musculoskeletal pain to “field side” coverage and acute management of the injured athlete. Designed as both a tutorial and a trusted reference, this easy-to-reference resource will provide you with expert guidance for years to come.

Primary Care, Sports Medicine

Paperback, 672 Pages

Published: January 2008

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-1-4160-3197-0


  • Foreword, Francis O'Connor

    SECTION 1 - GENERAL PRINCIPLES, Editor: Peter Seidenberg

    1 Sideline Evaluation of the Injured Athlete, John Wilckens

    2 Preparticipation Examination, Jay Noffsinger

    3 The Team Physician's Bag, Scott Flinn & Elise Gordon

    4 Mass Participation Event Coverage, Scott Pyne

    5 Emergency Planning for Athletic Events, Scott Flinn & Timothy Dwyer

    SECTION 2 - PHYSICAL EXAMINATION, Section Editor: Peter Seidenberg

    6 Victim or Culprit: A Pathoanatomic Approach to the Correct Diagnosis, Anthony Beutler

    7 Physical Examination of the Wrist and Hand, Will Mitchell & Ahmad Radwan

    8 Physical Examination of the Elbow, Tom Howard & Joel Shaw

    9 Physical Examination of the Shoulder, Sean Mullendore

    10 Physical Examination of the Cervical and Thoracic Spine, Charles Webb & Derek Woessner

    11 Physical Examination of the Lumbar Spine, Phil Ham & James Leiber

    12 Physical Examination of the Hip and Pelvis, Peter Seidenberg & Mark Childress

    13 Physical Examination of the Knee, Nicholas Piantinada & Nicole Yedlinsky

    14 Physical Examination of the Foot and Ankle "Bert Fields, Wesley R. Ibazebo & Ryan E. Modlinsk

    SECTION 3 - FRACTURES AND SOFT TISSUE INJURIES, Section Editor: Anthony Beutler

    15 General Principles of Fracture Management, Howard McGowan

    16 Splinting and Casting, Tim Mazzola

    17 Radiographic Lines and Angles, Peter Seidenberg

    18 Common Hand and Wrist Fractures, William Scott Deitche & Steven Titus

    19 Soft Tissue Injuries of the Hand and Wrist, Chad Asplund & Chris Meyering

    20 Elbow Injuries, Mark A. Slabaugh

    21A Soft Tissue Injuries of the Shoulder, Patrick St. Pierre

    21B Clavicular Joint Injuries and Fractures of the Shoulder, Patrick St. Pierre

    22 Craniomaxilofascial Injuries, Allyson Howe

    23 Cervical Spine Injuries, Barry P. Boden

    24 Thoracic and Lumbar Spine Injuries, Charles Webb & Richard Geshel

    25 Pelvic Pain in the Athlete, Adam Farber, Chris Jarvis, & John Wilckens

    26 Knee Injuries, Lyndon Gross & Andy MacDonald

    27 Lower Leg Injuries, Greg Dammann

    28 Ankle Fractures, Shawn Kane

    29 Foot Fractures, Kevin DeWeber

    30 Foot and Ankle Soft Tissue Injuries, Ahmed Radwan & Peter Seidenberg

    31A Pediatric and Adolescent Injuries, Mark Stephens

    31B Pediatric Spondylolysis, Fran O'Connor, Pierre d'Hemecourt & Melissa Nzebydoski

    32 Stress Fractures, Christopher Prior & Jessica Pesce

    SECTION 4 - REHABILITATION, Section Editor: Anthony Beutler

    33 Principles of Sports Rehabilitation, Jennifer Reed & Jimmy Bowen

    34 Practical Application of Osteopathic Manipulation, Lori O'Neill & Dennis Cardone

    35 Core Stabilization, Daniel L. Munton, Geof Manzo & Beth J. Caschetta

    36 Physical Therapy Modalities, Guy Majkowski & Norman Gill

    37 Athletic Taping, Ray Chronister & Gregg Calhoon

    38 Proper Indications and Uses of Orthopedic Braces, Jeff Leggitt & Chris Jarvis

    SECTION 5 - SPECIAL TESTS AND PROCEDURES, Section Editor: Peter Seidenberg

    39 Exercise Prescription, David Farnsworth & Michael Cannon

    40 Cardiovascular Testing, Francis O'Connor & David Djuric

    41 Testing for Maximal, Aerobic Power, Patricia Deuster & Yuval Heled

    42 Exercise Induced Asthma Testing, Rochelle Nolte & Christopher Lettieri

    43 Gait Analysis, Francis O'Connor & Timothy Switaj

    44 Concussion Testing and Management, Scott Playford

    45 Running Shoes: Assessment and Selection, Charles Webb & Marc Childress

    46 Compartment Syndrome Testing, Brandon Larkin & Janiece Stewart

    47 Electrodiagnostic Testing, Jimmy Bowen

    48 Therapeutic and Diagnostic Injections and Aspirations, Tom Howard & Leslie Rassner

    49 Ergogenic Aids Jeff L. Levy & Fred H. Brennan

    50 Evidence-Based Regenerative Injection Therapy (Prolotherapy) in Sports Medicine, K. Dean Reeves, Brad Fullerton & Gaston Topol

    APPENDIX, Section Editor: Anthony Beutler

    I The Team Physician Consensus Statement

    II Exercise Prescription for Pediatric Patients, Bernard Purcell & Mark Stephens

    III Exercise Prescription for Pregnant Patients, Pamela Williams & Michael Barron

    IV Exercise Prescription for Geriatric Patients, Brian Unwin


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