The Spiritual Challenge of Health Care book cover

The Spiritual Challenge of Health Care

This unique text explores the spiritual dimensions of health care and guides the reader in understanding and dealing with those dimensions of people which cannot be accounted for empirically. Drawing from a number of traditions, this resource carefully explains why medicine must be both science and art.

Paperback, 188 Pages

Published: August 1998

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-443-05920-9


  • Introduction. Spiritual Care, Health Care, What's the Difference?. The Meaning of Spirituality in Illness. Faith as the Space Between". Spirituality and Culture. Faith and Belief. A Sociological Perspective. Assessing Spritiual Needs. Spirituality in Care. The Notion of Spiritual Care in Professional Practice. The Nurse's Role in Spiritual Care. Spirituality and the Scientific Mind. A Dilemma for Doctors. Spirituality and Sexuality in a Time of AIDS. Is There a Tradition of Spiritual Care?. Spiritual Values in a Secular Age.


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