The Simulated Administrative Medical Office book cover

The Simulated Administrative Medical Office

Practicum Skills for Medical Assistants powered by SimChart for the Medical Office

Get two weeks of job experience under your belt with The Simulated Administrative Medical Office: Externship Practice for Medical Assisting! This simulated practicum walks you through ten days on the job as an administrative medical assistant working in the front office of a medical practice. Clear, step-by-step instructions show you how to complete tasks - such as patient scheduling, billing, and insurance - using SimChart for the Medical Office. The guide also reinforces points of professionalism to ensure you’ll be well prepared to succeed in your actual externships and future AMA career!

* This product ISBN does NOT include a SimChart for the Medical Office access code.  To purchase the text + SimChart package, please use ISBN 9780323374712.

Paperback, 144 Pages

Published: December 2014

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-323-35393-9


  • Introduction
    Day One
    TASK 1.1 Risk Management
    TASK 1.2 Preparing the Schedules
    TASK 1.3 Scheduling Telephone Appointments and Inpatient Consultations
    TASK 1.4 Written Communications
    TASK 1.5 Records Management and Patient List
    Day Two
    TASK 2.1 Patient List
    TASK 2.2 Patient Reception
    TASK 2.3 Scheduling Appointments
    TASK 2.4 Medical Transcription
    TASK 2.5 Scheduling Emergency or Urgent Appointments
    Day Three
    TASK 3.1 Patient Reception and Referral
    TASK 3.2 Medical Transcription
    TASK 3.3 Insurance Claim Form
    TASK 3.4 Written Communications
    TASK 3.5 Preparing the Superbill
    Day Four
    TASK 4.1 Telephone Messages and Appointment Schedule 
    TASK 4.2 Correspondence and Mail
    TASK 4.3 Scheduling Appointments
    TASK 4.4 Records Management
    Day Five
    TASK 5.1 Medical Transcription
    TASK 5.2 Posting Charges to a Superbill
    TASK 5.3 Billing and Banking Procedures
    TASK 5.4 Financial Management
    Day Six
    TASK 6.1 Internet Research
    TASK 6.2 Establishing a Meeting
    TASK 6.3 Telephone Messages
    TASK 6.4 Scheduling Appointments
    Day Seven
    TASK 7.1 Insurance Claim Forms
    TASK 7.2 Patient Reception
    TASK 7.3 Scheduling Nursing Home Services
    TASK 7.4 Telephone Messages
    TASK 7.5 Scheduling Appointments
    TASK 7.6 Scheduling Surgeries
    TASK 7.7 Medical Records
    Day Eight
    TASK 8.1 Office Management
    TASK 8.2 Inventory Management 
    TASK 8.3 Telephone Messages
    TASK 8.4 Medical Transcription
    Day Nine
    TASK 9.1 Patient Registration Record
    TASK 9.2 Health History Form
    Day Ten
    TASK 10.1 Obtaining Information from the EHR
    TASK 10.2 Other Dashboard Features
    TASK 10.3 Identifying EHR Features
    TASK 10.4 Additional EHR Features


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