The Shoulder in Sport book cover

The Shoulder in Sport

Management, Rehabilitation and Prevention

The book is divided into 5 sections: the first and second sections provide introductory topics, such as anatomical variances of the articulations and soft tissues, the biomechanics of the shoulder, diagnostic imaging, specialist and functional examinations. The third section is dedicated to the description of surgical solutions in acute articular, muscle and tendinous pathologies. Rehabilitation and prevention are described in the fourth section, where the authors present exercises of post-surgical rehabilitation, techniques of mobilizing in manual therapy and load multidimensional model. The last two chapters in this section are dedicated to prevention, especially of chronic pathologies, using intervention influencing programmes, methodology of training and how to rectify incorrectly performed movements. The last section is dedicated to the use of electromyography of the surface. This method is used to register muscular activity during training; the description contains practical information and a great number of references of clinical interest.

Hardbound, 348 Pages

Published: December 2007

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-443-06874-4


  • Section 1 Functional anatomy and recent biomechanical discoveries

    1. Anatomical variants of the shoulder
    P. Van Roy, E. Barbaix, J.P. Baeyens, M. De Maeseneer, J.P.Clarijs

    Glenohumeral joint
    Bone structures of the glenohumeral joint
    Soft tissues of the glenohumeral joint

    Coracoacromial arch
    Bone Structures of the coracoacromial arch
    Soft tissues associated with the coracoacromial arch

    Acromioclavicular joint
    Bone structure of the acromioclavicular joint
    Soft tissues of the acromioclavicular joint

    Sternoclavicular joint
    Bone structures of the Sternoclavicular joint
    Soft tissues of the Sternoclavicular joint

    Neurovascular bundle and adjacent structures

    2. Biomechanics of the shoulder
    J.P. Baeyens, P. Van Roy

    Stability of the glenohumeral joint
    Congruency of the joint heads

    Joint Orientation
    Negative intra-articular pressure
    Active stabilization
    Elevation of the arm
    Glenohymeral osteokinematics
    Scapulothoracic osteokinematics
    Osteokinematics of the clavicle
    Glenohumeral arthrokinematics
    Throwing movements
    Kinematics of throwing
    Kinetics of throwing

    Section II Pathology, clinical aspects and diagnostic imaging

    3A. Premise

    Examination of the painful shoulder interdisciplinarity and clinical rationale

    3. Shoulder instability
    A. Fusco, R. Zuccarino

    Structural factors and principles of classification
    Functional factors and athletic actions
    Athletic actions below 90 of abduction
    Athletic actions above 90 of abduction (overhead)
    Ballistic sports and conditions prejudicial to stabilty


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