The Science of Musical Sounds book cover

The Science of Musical Sounds

This book is concerned with the scientific aspects of musical sounds. It presents basic acoustics, auditory theory, and sound generation from both a theoretical and a practical view. Room acoustics, sound analysis, recording and reproduction, and sound synthesis as well as cognition are examined from the perspective of music.

Researchers and students in musical acoustics, including those in cognition and perception, acoustics, music theory, and psychophysics.

Hardbound, 194 Pages

Published: December 1991

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-676948-7


  • Introduction.What is Sound?Ear and Hearing.Scales, Tunings, and Temperaments.Wind Instruments.String Instruments.Rod and Membrane Instruments.Room Acoustics.Music and Electronics.Music as Communication.References.Index.


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