The Safety Relief Valve Handbook book cover

The Safety Relief Valve Handbook

Design and Use of Process Safety Valves to ASME and International Codes and Standards

The Safety Valve Handbook is a professional reference for design, process, instrumentation, plant and maintenance engineers who work with fluid flow and transportation systems in the process industries, which covers the chemical, oil and gas, water, paper and pulp, food and bio products and energy sectors.It meets the need of engineers who have responsibilities for specifying, installing, inspecting or maintaining safety valves and flow control systems.It will also be an important reference for process safety and loss prevention engineers, environmental engineers, and plant and process designers who need to understand the operation of safety valves in a wider equipment or plant design context.

Safety and loss prevention professionals; process and plant engineers in all chemical, petroleum and process industry sectors


Published: August 2009

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-1-85617-712-2


  • Preface; Valve basics; Overpressure protection; Terminology; Codes and Standards; ASME & API; PED; NACE; Design Fundamentals; Installation; Sizing; Noise; Safety Valve selection; Maintenance and testing; Cryogenic applications; Non-Conformance of existing pressure relief systems


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