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The Rubber Formulary

A stable usage of rubber compounds in the production of components for almost every industry has created the need for this handbook and formulary. Convenience is the primary reason for such a book. With the variety of uses for rubber being as broad as the imagination, a formulary which includes an overview of the history of rubber, as well as sections on ingredients, processing methods, and testing, is a welcome addition to any manufacturer's library. Rubber products include seals and gaskets for windows, pressure and vacuum hoses for automotive and aerospace applications, bottle stoppers for medical and pharmaceutical products, center cores for all types of balls, belts for tools and machinery, shock and vibration absorbers for everything from motor mounts to sky scrapers, insulation for blankets, and even large film coatings for roofing applications. Additional industrial and consumer products are being designed out of rubber compounds every day.Whether you are involved with selling raw materials, producing rubber compounds, or designing rubber components and products, Rubber Formulary is the right sourcebook of data for your needs. This first-ever collection of 500 suggested formulas has been provided by raw materials suppliers around the world. Written for both technical and managerial personnel, this collection of formulas and basic texts will also benefit students and other individuals just entering the field.

This book will certainly be essential to the libraries of any industrial companies involved in the manufacture of elastomeric products.

Hardbound, 764 Pages

Published: December 1999

Imprint: William Andrew

ISBN: 978-0-8155-1434-3


  • "...very detailed and will certainly be essential..." - J. E. Mark, Polymer News


  • Natural rubber and polyisopreneStyrene-butadiene and butadieneButyl and halobutylNeopreneEPDMNitrileChlorinated polyethylene and chlorosulfonated polyethyleneUrethaneSilicone and fluoroelastomersAcrylate and epichlorohydrinSpecialty rubbers


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