The Representation Theory of Finite Groups book cover

The Representation Theory of Finite Groups


Published: May 1982

Imprint: North-holland

ISBN: 978-0-444-86155-9


  • This important book is very well written... not only the most important handbook on modular representation theory for the working mathematician, but it also can be considered to be a very helpful introduction to this deep and useful area of modern algebra.
    Zentrallblatt für Mathematik

    ...the first comprehensive treatment of the general theory of modular representations of finite groups... this book is a very important contribution.
    Mathematical Reviews
    ...excellent and authoritative book.
    Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society


  • Group Algebras. The Green and Brauer Correspondences, the First Main Theorem. Characters, Higher Decomposition Numbers, the Second Main Theorem. Subsections, Lower Defect Groups, the Third Main Theorem. Blocks and Extensions of R. Blocks with a Cyclic Defect Group. Groups with a Sylow Group of Prime Order. The Structure of A(G). p-Solvable Groups. An Analogue of Jordan's Theorem. Types of Blocks.


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