The Profit Impact of Business Intelligence


  • Steve Williams, Founder, DecisionPath Consulting, Gaithersburg, MD
  • Nancy Williams, Vice President, DecisionPath Consulting, Gaithersburg, MD

Business Intelligence (BI): It’s not just a technology. It’s not just a methodology. It’s a powerful new management approach that – when done right – can deliver knowledge, efficiency, better decisions, and profit to almost any organization that uses it.When BI first came on the scene, it promised a lot but often failed to deliver. The missing element was the business-centric focus explained in The Profit Impact of Business Intelligence. Written by BI gurus Steve Williams and Nancy Williams, The Profit Impact of Business Intelligence shows step by step how you can achieve the promise of BI by connecting it to your organization’s strategic goals, culture, and strengths while correcting your BI weaknesses.Features:* Provides a practical, process-oriented guide to achieve the full promise of BI.* Shows how world-class companies used BI to become leaders in their industries.* Helps senior business and IT executives understand the strategic impact of BI and how they can ensure a strong payoff from their BI investments.* Identifies the most common mistakes organizations make in implementing BI.* Includes a helpful glossary of BI terms.* Includes a BI readiness assessment for your organization.* Includes Web links and extensive references for more information.Steve Williams, President and founder of DecisionPath Consulting, is a leading advocate of business-driven BI design and development. His consulting firm is one of the largest in the specialized field of Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing. Steve has over 23 years experience in information systems and systems engineering and has co-authored a training course on the BI Pathway Method. Nancy Williams is Vice President of DecisionPath Consulting. With over 21 years of business and technical experience, she provides technical and strategic leadership on business intelligence as well as hands-on guidance for client engagements.
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BI is the key benefit of strategic use of a company's data warehouse. As such, some of the same people that work in data warehouse and data mining are the audience for this book. So, the book's target audience includes both technical and non-technical professionals and decision makers in organizations that are considering business intelligence or who are intent on improving their existing business intelligence capability. This includes IT management, IT data architects, data warehouse professionals, database designers, business intelligence consultants, and technical professionals. We expect that there will be some handoff of book information to non-technical management as an argument for investing in BI.


Book information

  • Published: December 2006
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-372499-1


'The ideas in The Profit Impact of Business Intelligence were central to our deployment of business intelligence applications that allowed us to manage revenue delivery and reduce costs. --Kevin McCaughey, Vice President – Strategic Planning, McCormick & Company Global Industrial Group One performance management approach we are taking is to leverage business intelligence to better serve our customers and to optimize our cost structure in relation to the services our customers value most. We have used the strategies described in The Profit Impact of Business Intelligence to align our BI program with our critical success factors and to drive our BI development efforts. --Terry Lillis, Chief Financial Officer – Retirement and Investor Services, The Principal Financial Group This is a "must read" book for anyone who wants to achieve real business intelligence. It advances the discipline of BI by focusing on business value built upon a strong foundation of technology best practices. --David L. Wells, Director of Education, TDWI: The Data Warehousing Institute Nancy and Steve Williams understand the “business” in business intelligence. This book is a must for business leaders who require that their BI programs drive real business value. --Barbara Wixom, PhD, Associate Professor, Director MS-MIT, University of Virginia - McIntire School of Commerce'

Table of Contents

1.The Business Value of Business Intelligence2.Identifying and Prioritizing BI-Driven Profit Opportunities for Your Company3.BI Readiness: Prerequisites for Leveraging BI to Improve Profits4.Business-Centric BI Development and the BI Pathway Method5.Leading and Managing a BI-Driven Profit Improvement Program6.BI in the Broader IT Context7.Key Ways BI Can Deliver Improved Profits8.Common Mistakes Companies Make on BI Initiatives9.A View Over the HorizonAppendix A: Where to Get More InformationAppendix B: Business Intelligence ChecklistsAppendix C: Business Intelligence GlossaryAppendix D: A BI “Backgrounder” for Non-Technical Executives