The Professional Qualifying Examinations book cover

The Professional Qualifying Examinations

A Survival Guide for Optometrists

This book is a guide for undergraduate students applying for a pre-registration position and for pre-registration optometrists taking the College of Optometrists (CO) Part II Professional Qualifying Examination (PQE's). Brimming with sound advice and lots of useful hints and tips, it covers everything from applying for a pre-registration position, the pre-reg year diary, exams, venues, accommodation and achieving examination success through to over 500 past examination questions in the various PQE topics from binocular vision to contact lenses.

Paperback, 160 Pages

Published: May 2004

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-8845-1


  • Introduction - How to use this book
    PART 1-A guide to the pre-registration year
    Chapter 1 - Applying for a pre-registration position - Martin Hodgson
    Chapter 2 - Pre-registration year diary and preparing your CV - Martin Hodgson
    Chapter 3 - College of Optometrists and the examiners - Martin Hodgson
    Chapter 4 - Making the most of the pre-registration year and refresher courses - Frank Eperjesi
    Chapter 5 - The exams, venues, accommodation and examination techniques and communication - Frank Eperjesi, Martin Hodgson and Bill Harvey
    Chapter 6 - Re-takes - Frank Eperjesi
    PART 2-A guide to the Professional Qualifying Examinations
    Chapter 7 - Anomalies of binocular vision - Martin Hodgson and Michelle Rundstrom
    Chapter 8 - Use of drugs in optometric practice - - Martin Hodgson
    Chapter 9 - Investigative techniques - Ian Moss
    Chapter 10 - Partial sight and its management - Frank Eperjesi
    Chapter 11 - Occupational optometry - Simon Brooks
    Chapter 12 - Dispensing - Janet Carlton, Frank Eperjesi and Alicia Thompson
    Chapter 13 - Routine examination - John O'Donnell
    Chapter 14 - Case records and law - Nu Nu Zaw
    Chapter 15 - Ocular disease and abnormality - Simon Brooks
    Chapter 16 - Contact lenses - Mary Ware
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