The Practice Step: Physician-Based Coding Cases, 2012 Edition book cover

The Practice Step: Physician-Based Coding Cases, 2012 Edition

Perfect your coding skills and position yourself for career advancement with real-world physician-based coding practice developed by leading coding educator Carol J. Buck. The Practice Step: Physician-Based Coding Cases, 2012 Edition presents realistic patient cases specific to outpatient physician settings to give you the extra practice you need to remain competitive in the medical coding marketplace, learn to code with both ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM, and prepare for the CPC® and CCS-P certification exams.

Paperback, 336 Pages

Published: December 2011

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-1-4557-0753-9


  • 1. Evaluation and Management

    Case 1-1: Discharge Summary, Chest Pain

    Case 1-2: Progress Note, Acute and Chronic Renal Failure

    Case 1-3: Progress Note, Hypotension

    Case 1-4: Discharge Summary, Cardiac Catheterization

    Case 1-5: Nephrology Consultation, Hypertension

    Case 1-6: Nephrology Consultation, Chronic Renal Failure

    Case 1-7: Discharge Summary, End-Stage Renal Disease

    Case 1-8: Discharge Summary, Hydronephrosis

    Case 1-9: Progress Note, Hemoptysis

    Case 1-10: Neurosurgery Consultation, Neck Injury

    Case 1-11: Neurosurgery Consultation, Neck Pain

    Case 1-12: Neurosurgery Consultation, Leg Pain

    Case 1-13: Consultation, Intracerebral Hematoma

    Case 1-14: Rehabilitation Consultation, Back Pain and SOB

    Case 1-15: Urology Consultation, Oliguria

    Case 1-16: Thoracic Medicine/Critical Care Progress Note, Lung Cancer

    Case 1-17: Clinic Visit, Diarrhea

    Case 1-18: Cardiology Consultation, Chest Pain and SOB

    Case 1-19: Clinic Visit, Abdominal Pain

    2. Anesthesiology

    Case 2-1: Perforated Appendicitis

    Case 2-2: Right Inguinal Herniorrhaphy

    Case 2-3: Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

    Case 2-4: Left Breast Biopsy

    Case 2-5: Amputation

    Case 2-6: Umbilical Herniorrhaphy

    Case 2-7: Takedown Colostomy and Cholecystectomy

    Case 2-8: Modified Radical Mastectomy

    Case 2-9: Incision and Drainage Of Perirectal Abscess

    Case 2-10: Division and Insetting of Flap

    Case 2-11: Intracerebral Hematoma

    3. Cardiology

    Case 3-1: Catheter Placement

    Case 3-2: Chart Note, Therapeutic Apheresis

    Case 3-3: Catheterization

    Case 3-4: Coronary Artery Bypass Graft

    Case 3-5: Intubation

    Case 3-6: Dressing Change and Oversewing of Tracheostomy

    Case 3-7: Thoracentesis

    Case 3-8: Endarterectomy

    Case 3-9: Angiogram

    Case 3-10: Intra-aortic Balloon Pumping

    4. Integumentary

    Case 4-1: Excision, Cheek Lesion

    Case 4-2: Right Breast Wide Excision

    Case 4-3: Thenar Flap Coverage

    Case 4-4: Division and Insert of Flap

    Case 4-5: Laceration Repair

    Case 4-6: Massive Debridement

    Case 4-7: Minimal Debridement

    Case 4-8: Amputation

    Case 4-9: Nevus Excision

    5. Emergency Medicine

    Case 5-1: Forearm Abrasion and Swelling

    Case 5-2: Vomiting

    Case 5-3: Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

    Case 5-4: Headache

    Case 5-5: Closed Head Injury

    Case 5-6: Sore Throat, Earache, and Sore Chest

    Case 5-7: Thigh Redness

    Case 5-8: Patellar Dislocation

    Case 5-9: Leg Laceration

    Case 5-10: Abdominal Pain and Diarrhea

    Case 5-11: Scrotal Bleeding

    Case 5-12: Dyspnea and Tachycardia

    6. Medicine

    Case 6-1: Echocardiogram

    Case 6-2: Stress Test

    Case 6-3: Cardiac Catheterization

    Case 6-4: Cardiac Catheterization

    Case 6-5: Right Heart Catheterization

    Case 6-6: Bilateral Laser-Doppler

    Case 6-7: Saphenous Vein Mapping

    Case 6-8: Venous Ultrasound

    Case 6-9: Extremities Ultrasound

    Case 6-10: Renal Dialysis Progress Note

    7. Gastroenterology

    Case 7-1: Orogastric Tube Placement

    Case 7-2: Splenectomy and Colectomy

    Case 7-3: Gastrojejunostomy Placement

    Case 7-4: Cystotomy

    Case 7-5: Small Bowel Anastomosis

    Case 7-6: Pyloroplasty

    8. Nephrology

    Case 8-1: Progress Note, Dialysis

    Case 8-2: Progress Note, Peritoneal Dialysis

    Case 8-3: Progress Note, Cycler PD

    Case 8-4: Renal Tumor Excision

    Case 8-5: Renal Mass

    Case 8-6: Renal Tumor

    Case 8-7: Dialysis Catheter Replacement

    9. Neurology and Ophthalmology

    Case 9-1: Intracerebral Hematoma

    Case 9-2: Release of Ulnar Nerve and Cubital Tunnel

    Case 9-3: Parietal Burr Holes

    Case 9-4: Discectomy

    Case 9-5: Carpal Tunnel

    Case 9-6: Repair of Pseudomeningocele

    Case 9-7: Laminectomy with Foraminotomy

    Case 9-8: Laminotomy, Discectomy, and Foraminotomy

    Case 9-9: Halo Crown and Vest

    Case 9-10: Extracapsular Cataract

    10. Obstetrics and Gynecology

    Case 10-1: Abdominal Hysterectomy

    Case 10-2: Dilation and Curettage

    Case 10-3: Cesarean Section

    Case 10-4: Labial Excision

    Case 10-5: Dilation and Curettage

    Case 10-6: Cervical Cerclage Preoperative Examination

    Case 10-7: Suction Diltion and Curettage

    Case 10-8: Cesarean with Tubal Ligation

    Case 10-9: Cesarean Section

    Case 10-10: OB Ultrasound

    Case 10-11: Laparoscopic Drainage of Cyst

    11. Orthopedics

    Case 11-1: Arthroplasty and Spur Excision

    Case 11-2: Meniscectomy, Knee

    Case 11-3: Plical Excision

    Case 11-4: Medial Meniscectomy, Knee

    Case 11-5: Steroid Injection

    Case 11-6: Open Reduction Internal Fixation

    Case 11-7: Fascial Sling Arthroplasty

    Case 11-8: Excision Bone Tumor

    Case 11-9: Carpal Tunnel Release

    Case 11-10: Debridement of Chondromalacia

    Case 11-11: Excision of Mass, Bursa

    Case 11-12: Excision of Mass, Finger

    Case 11-13: Arthroplasty, Hip

    12. Otorhinolaryngology

    Case 12-1: Tympanostomy

    Case 12-2: Direct Laryngoscopy

    Case 12-3: Myringotomy with Tympanostomy

    Case 12-4: Adenoidectomy

    Case 12-5: Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy

    Case 12-6: Esophagoscopy with Dilation

    Case 12-7: Cervical Node Excision

    Case 12-8: Septoplasty

    Case 12-9: Mandibular Angle Fracture

    Case 12-10: Brachial Cleft Fistula Repair

    Case 12-11: Incus and Stapes Mobilization

    Case 12-12: Ethmoidectomy, Sphenoidotomy, and Septoplasty

    Case 12-13: Tarsorrhaphy

    13. Pathology

    Case 13-1: L3-4 Disc

    Case 13-2: Uterus, Bilateral Tubes, and Ovaries

    Case 13-3: Placenta

    Case 13-4: Cervical Disc

    Case 13-5: Cervical Disc

    Case 13-6: Endometrial Curettage

    Case 13-7: Cerebral Hematoma

    Case 13-8: Necrotic Fascia

    Case 13-9: Myxoma

    Case 13-10: Soleus Muscle

    14. Pediatrics, Neonatology, and Adolescent Medicine

    Case 14-1: Well-Child Check

    Case 14-2: NICU Progress Note, Prematurity with Respiratory Difficulty

    Case 14-3: Progress Note, Ventilator Assist

    Case 14-4: NICU Progress Note, Ventilator Assist

    Case 14-5: Circumcision

    Case 14-6: Newborn Report

    15. Diagnostic Radiology

    Case 15-1: CT of Brain

    Case 15-2: X-Ray, Chest

    Case 15-3: Cranial CT

    Case 15-4: X-Ray, Chest

    Case 15-5: CT of Abdomen and Pelvis

    Case 15-6: Gallbladder Ultrasound

    Case 15-7: Ultrasound, Kidneys

    Case 15-8: Catheter Placement

    Case 15-9: Stress Test

    Case 15-10: Ventilation-Perfusion Lung Scan

    Case 15-11: Head Ultrasound

    Case 15-12: Abdominal X-Ray, UVC Catheter Placement

    Case 15-13: Neonatal Cystourethrogram

    16. Intervention Radiology and Radiation Oncology

    Case 16-1: CT-Guided Liver Biopsy

    Case 16-2: CT-Guided Lung Mass Biopsy

    Case 16-3: Lumbar Puncture

    Case 16-4: Ultrasound-Guided Paracentesis

    Case 16-5: Catheter Placement

    Case 16-6: Carotid Angiogram

    Case 16-7: Aortogram

    Case 16-8: Tube Placement

    Case 16-9: Fistulogram

    Case 16-10: Extremity Angiogram

    Case 16-11: Abdominal Aortogram

    Case 16-12: Inpatient Consultation, Radiology Oncology

    Case 16-13: Treatment Planning Note, Radiation Oncology

    Case 16-14: Simulation Note, Radiation Oncology

    17. Urology

    Case 17-1: Native Kidney Biopsy

    Case 17-2: Cystoscopy

    Case 17-3: Catheterization

    Case 17-4: Cystoscopy and Retrograde Pyelogram

    Case 17-5: Kidney Biopsy

    Case 17-6: Native Kidney Biopsy

    Case 17-7: Ureteral Stent Change

    Case 17-8: Multiple Bladder Biopsies

    Case 17-9: Fulguration and Penile Lesion Biopsy

    Case 17-10: Hydrocele Repair

    18. General Surgery

    Case 18-1: Perforated Appendicitis

    Case 18-2: Right Inguinal Herniorrhaphy

    Case 18-3: Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

    Case 18-4: Stab Wound

    Case 18-5: Left Breast Biopsy

    Case 18-6: Amputation

    Case 18-7: Umbilical Herniorrhaphy

    Case 18-8: Colostomy and Cholecystectomy

    Case 18-9: Modified Radical Mastectomy

    Case 18-10: Incision and Drainage of Perirectal Abscess

    Case 18-11: Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter Placement

    Appendix A: Coding Answers to Patient Cases


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