The Practice of Shiatsu


  • Sandra Anderson, BA, LMT, ABT, NCTMB, Co-Owner and Practitioner, Tucson Touch Therapies Treatment Center and Education Center, Tucson, AZ

Be prepared to answer certification questions about shiatsu, and develop the skills you'll need to become a successful practitioner! This comprehensive, easy-to-use textbook covers foundational information and methods, followed by more complex theory and practice. You'll learn how the channels (meridians) affect clients' health, how to conduct assessments, how to maintain proper body mechanics during practice, how to address imbalances in each of the Five Elements, and much more. The accompanying DVD includes over 90 minutes of video showing specific applications described in the book. Workbook-style exercises and questions at the end of each chapter improve your understanding and retention of the material. A title in the Mosby's Massage Career Development Series.
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Book information

  • Published: October 2007
  • Imprint: MOSBY
  • ISBN: 978-0-323-09326-2

Table of Contents



Unit 1: The Fundamentals of Shiatsu

1. History of Shiatsu

2. Foundations of Asian Medicine

3. Five Element Theory

4. Shiatsu Concepts

5. Preparation to Practice Shiatsu

6. Basic Kata

Unit 2: Integration of Theory and Practice

7. Assessments and the Treatment Session

8. Imbalances in Each of the Five Elements and How to Address Them

9. Additional Techniques


Conception (Directing) Vessel and Governing Vessel