The Police Manager


  • Egan Green
  • Ronald Lynch
  • Scott Lynch

The Police Manager gives practical, field-tested guidance to students and professionals who aspire to leadership roles in law enforcement, providing a comprehensive explanation of issues and challenges that they will face as police supervisors. The book is divided into four parts, covering historical and philosophical underpinnings, behavioral aspects of police management, functional aspects of police management, and major issues in modern police work.
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Graduate and advanced undergraduate students in the criminal justice programs of 4-yr and career schools, and law enforcement professionals seeking promotions.


Book information

  • Published: September 2012
  • ISBN: 978-1-4557-3047-6


"…this text explains the issues and challenges that are faced by police supervisors. The book provides historical context as well as current issues facing modern police work."--Evidence Technology Magazine, July-August 2013

Table of Contents

Part One: Introduction to Police Management

1. A History and Philosophy of Police Management

2. Philosophy to Outcomes

3. Organizational Culture

Part Two: Behavioral Aspects of Police Management

4. Leadership Behavior Styles

5. Creating a Breed of Super Sergeants

6. Succession Planning

7. Organizational Environment

8. Transactional Analysis

9. Understanding Personnel Through MBTI®

Part Three: Functional Aspects of Police Management

10. Management Planning

11. Problem Identification and Decisionmaking

12. Management by Objectives

13. Fiscal Management

Part Four: Modern Police Management: Major Issues

14. Use of Power

15. The Use of Force

16. Civil Liability and Accreditation

17. Ethics for the 21st Century

18. The School Resource Officer Program: Establishing a Police Presence in Schools

19. Assessment Center Process

20. Leading Small and Medium-Size Law Enforcement Agencies