The Osteoporotic Syndrome book cover

The Osteoporotic Syndrome

Detection, Prevention, and Treatment

Metabolic bone degeneration (osteoporosis) affects millions of people--primarily postmenopausal women--and is directly responsible for debilitating hip, vertebral, and limb fractures in the elderly. Incorporating advances made within just the past five years, The Osteoporotic Syndrome: Detection, Prevention, and Treatment serves as an up-to-date, practical guide to the major clinical aspects of osteoporosis. The text is liberally illustrated with detailed figures.As a resource for the clinician dealing with metabolic bone degeneration, this book represents an excellent source of information on the diagnosis and day-to-day management of osteoporosis.

Professionals and academic clinicians in endocrinology, bone and mineral metabolism, and osteoporosis.

Paperback, 205 Pages

Published: March 2000

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-068705-3


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