The Ophthalmic Assistant book cover

The Ophthalmic Assistant

A Text for Allied and Associated Ophthalmic Personnel: Expert Consult - Online and Print

Excel in your clinical responsibilities with The Ophthalmic Assistant. Whether you work in an ophthalmology, optometry, or opticianry setting, this best-selling reference delivers expert practical, up-to-date guidance on ocular diseases, surgical procedures, medications, and equipment as well as paramedical procedures and office management - providing all the knowledge and skills you need to be a valuable asset to your team. A real "how-to" textbook.


Ophthalmic Technicians

Trainees in ophthalmology and optometry

Ophthalmologists (for their staff)

Ophthalmic equipment sales personnel


Paperback, 928 Pages

Published: August 2012

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-1-4557-1069-0


  • Section One: Basic Sciences

    1 Anatomy of the eye

    2 Physiology of the eye

    3 Optics

    4 Pharmacology

    5 Microbiology

    Section Two: Clinical Practice

    6 Office efficiency and public relations

    7 History taking

    8 Preliminary examination

    9 Understanding ophthalmic equipment

    10 Refractive errors and how to correct them

    11 History of spectacles

    12 Facts about glasses

    13 Rigid contact lenses: basics

    14 Soft contact lenses

    15 Advance techniques in soft and rigid contact lense fitting

    16 Managing a contact lense practice

    17 Visual fields

    18 Automated visual field testing

    19 Ocular Injuries

    20 The urgent case

    21 Common eye disorders

    22 Common retinal disorders

    23 Glaucoma

    24 Examination of the newborn, infant and small child

    25 Maintenance of ophthalmic equipment and instruments

    Section Three: Surgical Techniques

    26 Aseptic technique and minor office surgery

    27 The operative patient

    28 Highlights of ocular surgery

    29 Assisting the Surgeon

    30 Lasers in ophthalmology

    31 Ambulatory surgery

    32 Refractive surgery

    33 Corneal Collagen Cross Linking: A Major Breakthrough in the Management of Keratoconus, Pellucid Marginal Degeneration, and Ectasia after LASIK

    34 Wavefront aberrations and custom ablation

    Section Four: Ocular imaging

    35 Optical coherence tomography

    36 Computerized corneal topography

    37 Specular microscopy

    38 Diagnostic ultrasound

    Section Five: Special procedures

    39 Ocular motility and binocular vision

    40 Ophthalmic photography

    41 Visual aids for the partially sighted

    Section Six: Community Ocular Programs

    42 Blind persons in the modern world

    43 Art and the eye

    44 Reading problems in children

    45 Cardiopulmonary resuscitation

    Section Seven: Expanded Roles in Eye Care Delivery

    46 Computers in ophthalmic practice

    Section Eight: Role of Assistants in Eye Care

    47 Allied health personnel in ophthalmology

    48 Ophthalmology ethics

    49 Ophthalmic allied health personnel: scope of practice

    50 Testing of ophthalmic skills

    51 The development of ophthalmic assistants in North America

    52 Assisting in the international community and in the prevention of blindness


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