The Object Data Standard book cover

The Object Data Standard

ODMG 3.0

This isn't a book about the Object Data Standard; it's the complete,fully authoritative version of the standard itself, presented by theresearchers who developed it. This book provides all the detailscomprising ODMG 3.0, making the latest version of the specificationthe most mature and most flexible yet.

When it comes to storing objects in databases, ODMG 3.0 is astandard with which you need to be familiar-whether you design,develop, or implement object database products, object-to-relationaldatabase mapping products, or applications based on these products.

Database administrators and developers.

Paperback, 280 Pages

Published: January 2000

Imprint: Morgan Kaufmann

ISBN: 978-1-55860-647-0


  • Preface1. Overview1.1 Background1.2 Major Components1.3 Participants1.4 History and Status2. Object Model2.1 Introduction2.2 Types: Specifications and Implementations2.3 Objects2.4 Literals2.5 The Full Built-in Type Hierarchy2.6 Modeling State-Properties2.7 Modeling Behavior-Operations 2.8 Metadata2.9 Locking and Concurrency Control2.10 Transaction Model2.11 Database Operations3. Object Specification Languages3.1 Introduction3.2 Object Definition Language3.3 Object Interchange Format4. Object Query Language4.1 Introduction4.2 Principles4.3 Query Input and Result4.4 Dealing with Object Identity4.5 Path Expressions4.6 Undefined Values4.7 Method Invoking4.8 Polymorphism4.9 Operator Composition4.10 Language Definition4.11 Syntactical Abbreviations4.12 OQL Syntax5. C++ Binding5.1 Introduction5.2 C++ ODL5.3 C++ OML5.4 C++ OQL5.5 Schema Access5.6 Example6. Smalltalk Binding6.1 Introduction6.2 Smalltalk ODL6.3 Smalltalk OML6.4 Smalltalk OQL6.5 Schema Access6.6 Future Directions7. Java Binding7.1 Introduction7.2 Java ODL7.3 Java OML7.4 Java OQL7.5 Property FileAppendicesComparison with the OMG Object ModelA.1 IntroductionA.2 PurposeA.3 Components and ProfilesA.4 Type HierarchyA.5 The ORB ProfileA.6 Other Standards GroupsBiographiesIndex


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