The Nobel Prize Winning Discoveries in Infectious Diseases


  • David Rifkind
  • Geraldine Freeman

This book presents the 24 discoveries in infectious diseases that have merited Nobel Prize recognition since the inception of the awards in 1901. Grouped according to biological groups rather than chronology, each discovery includes a biographical sketch of the laureate(s), a description of the research, and a summary of the current status of the field. In addition, consideration is given to the relevance of the research on the general field of biology and medicine.
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Students, researchers and professionals in microbiology, immunology, virology and infectious diseases; Anyone interested in the history of biomedical science


Book information

  • Published: May 2005
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-369353-2


"Rifkind and Freeman's account serves as an introduction for the general reader to microbiology, immunology and infectious diseases...There are also some interesting points for the specialist." - Robin A. Weiss, University College London for NATURE MEDICINE (June 2006) "...unique features are the introduction and the counterpoint sections that provoke reader thought regarding the never-ending process of scientific pursuit, and future candidates for Nobel Prizes." - DOODY'S (3 Stars) 2006

Table of Contents

Preface Acknowledgments Introduction Alfred Nobel and the Nobel Prizes Immunity Serotherapy Antimicrobial Defenses MHC Restriction Antimicrobials Prontosil and the SulfonamidesPenicillin Streptomycin Chemotherapeutic Agents Bacteria Tuberculosis Typhus Syphilis Therapy VirusesTobacco Mosaic Virus Yellow Fever Poliomyelitis Virus Hepatitis B Virus Bacteriophage Bacteriophage Lysogeny Rous Sarcoma Virus Polyoma Virus Reverse Transcriptase Viral Oncogenes Kuru Prions Parasites Malaria Cancer Parasite DDT Counterpoint: HIV / AIDS Index