The New Midwifery book cover

The New Midwifery

Science and Sensitivity in Practice

Practicing as a midwife today requires not only good clinical skills but also a broad understanding of the social and emotional changes a woman experiences before and after birth. This book combines scientific knowledge with the more intangible skills needed for sensitive communication to provide the best possible care to the mother and her family. The second edition of this celebrated text vividly explores the various skills and approaches that lead to successful midwifery practice and uses care stories to bring these to life.

Practising midwives in developed countries; midwifery students in developing countries


Published: October 2006

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-7020-3506-7


  • 'THE NEW MIDWIFERY 2ND EDITION combine scientific knowledge with the skills needed to provide the best possible care for the mother and her family.' The Practising Midwife, June 2006.


  • Introduction

    Section 1: Transition to Parenting and Relationships in Practice – Working with Women

    1. What Women Want from Care Around the Time of Birth

    2. First Relationships and the Growth of Love and Commitment

    3. Becoming a Parent

    4. Midwifery Partnership: Working ‘With’ Women

    5. The Politics of Involving Women in Decision Making

    6. Supporting Midwives to Support Women

    7. Working with Women: Developing Continuity of Care in Practice

    8. The Birth of Twins: A Reflection on Practice

    Section 2: Putting Science into Practice

    9. Evidence-Based Care and Twins

    10. Evidence-Based Midwifery: Finding, Appraising and Applying Evidence in Practice

    11. Risk: Theoretical or Actual?

    12. Why Do Research?

    13. Jenna’s Care Story: Post-Term Pregnancy

    Section 3: Promoting Healthy Birth, Using Midwifery Skills and the Organisation of Practice

    14. A Public Health View of Maternity Services

    15. Reducing Inequalities in Childbirth: The Midwife’s Role in Public Health

    16. Keeping Birth Normal

    17. Being with Jane in Childbirth: Putting Science and Sensitivity into Practice



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