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The Mutilated Hand

"This book is a treasure for those who seek a comprehensive text dealing with the traumatized or mutilated hand." (Doody's Review) The Mutilated Hand is a comprehensive reference covering all facets of the management and treatment of mutilating injuries of the hand. It is the definitive book on the subject - both as a reference text as well as a practical tool. Each comprehensive chapter contains a review of the literature as well as historical perspectives; history of the technique; evolution of the treatment strategies over the years; postoperative care; current state-of-the-art management; complications and sequelae with the various techniques; and comparison of functional results using the various techniques.

Plastic Surgeons and Hand Surgeons


Published: January 2005

Imprint: Mosby

ISBN: 978-1-56053-446-4


  • I. Mutilating Injuries of the Hand: Picking Up the Pieces

    1. An Historical Odyssey of the Mutilated Hand

    2. Initial Management and Reconstructive Goals

    3. Classification Systems for Mutilating Injuries

    II. Dorsal and Palmar Mutilating Injuries

    4. Management of the Dorsal Mutilating Injury

    5. Management of the Palmar Mutilating Injury

    III. Ulnar Mutilating Injuries

    6. Management of the Ulnar Mutilating Injury

    IV. Radial Mutilating Injuries

    7. On Making a Thumb: More Than a Century of Surgical Effort

    8. Prehension in the Normal Hand and in the Mutilated Hand

    9. Distraction-Lengthening for Thumb Reconstruction

    10. Digital Pollicization for Traumatic Thumb Loss

    11. Great Toe-to-Thumb Transfer

    12. Second Toe Transfer for Post-traumatic Thumb Reconstruction

    13. Modified Great Toe Wrap-Around Flap for Thumb Reconstruction

    V. Replantation and Revascularization

    14. Principles of Replantation and Revascularization

    15. Multiple Digit Replantations

    16. Microsurgical Joint Transfer

    17. Transmetacarpal Replantation and Revascularization

    18. Secondary Surgery Following Replantation

    VI. Reconstruction of Transverse Mutilating Injuries

    19. The Phalangeal Hand

    20. Microsurgical Reconstruction of the Metacarpal Hand

    21. The Mutilated Wrist

    22. Krukenberg’s Operation

    VII. Soft Tissue Reconstruction of the Mutilated Hand

    23. Management of the Degloved Hand

    24. The Severely Burned Hand

    25. Emergency Free Flaps

    26. Secondary Soft Tissue Reconstruction

    VIII. Bony Reconstruction of the Mutilated Hand

    27. Basic Principles of Bony Reconstruction

    28. Principles of Internal Fixation

    29. Principles of External Fixation

    30. Distraction-Lengthening for Reconstruction of the Hand

    IX. Spare Parts Surgery

    31. Spare Parts in Upper Extremity Reconstruction

    32. Microsurgical Cross-Finger Transfer

    33. Microsurgical Cross-Hand Transfer

    X. Reconstruction of the Mutilated Hand in Children

    34. Replantation and Revascularization in Children

    35. Reconstruction of the Pediatric Mutilated Hand

    XI. Postoperative Management and Complications

    36. Psychological Aspects of Mutilating Hand Injuries

    37. Rehabilitation of the Mutilated Hand

    38. Painful Digits and Amputation Stumps of the Hand

    39. Revision Amputations of the Hand and Digits

    40. Prostheses for Mutilated Hands

    XII. Limb Allotransplantation: A New Era

    41. Limb Allotransplantaion: Experimental

    42. Hand and Composite Tissue Allotransplantation: Past, Present, and Future


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